Sky Lantern/Hot Air Balloon From a Dry Cleaner Bag





Introduction: Sky Lantern/Hot Air Balloon From a Dry Cleaner Bag

Transform an ordinary dry cleaner bag into a mini hot air balloon that flies over 1000 feet high. What could be more fun than airborne fireballs bowing around at the mercy of the wind? These are also very popular with the mystery light in the sky UFO crowd.



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    Ours went astray in Arlington and over the pentagon in 1970 and led authorities on hour long chase.
    Wash post article quoted a witness say there was a man inside

    Do these ever come down on houses or get stuck in trees.

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    I onc had to go knock on a door and ask the people for a ladder so that I could get a some burning material off their roof. Trees could also be a problem. As I mentioned in the video, You are essentially creating a floating fire ball and then letting the wind take it wherevere it goes. I suggest doing this after a good heavy rain and using some caution and common sense.

    I also suggest using a flame-retardant string to retrieve the balloon.

    Here in Holland its illigal to do this in some regions.
    Because we have a lot of old houses that use thatered roof tops.
    In the past a couple of houses have burnt down to the ground when one of these wishing balloons, as we call them, landed on top of these rooftops.

    I use them when ever there is a celebration or party ;-)

    HAHA thats cool!

    Great idea & project. i'm afraid of fire i can't control in any situation. That said, i will use 'sewing thread' to anchor my Balloon to my chosen height. Thanx again for a wonderful, fun project. jim

    I made smaller ones that have gone over a mile! I was scared I was going to burn something even though it was winter. BTW nice project :D

    try putting a weight of som kind on the bottom so 1) its easy to retrieve. 2) it wont go far

    And photo number one shows exactly what NOT to do. Never, under any circumstances, fly or release any object under hydro lines. Especially when it's a tethered flight.

    One way to keep it safe is to tie it to some fishing line - unless you were really keen to let it rise 1000 feet, I guess.

    everything is so small... until you bring out the lighter fluid :) good job!!!

    In welke regio's is dit verboden?


    Thanks for the instruction, it is really an easy way to do them!

    Please people who do that.. try to do it when there is less wind than in the video, and less tree around!