I love LED and stars, and after saw another instructables about star constellation and some mood lighting that was very inspired and I decided I wanted to take that idea and want to create some mood lighting with some skies component such as stars, and cloud, for the bonus there will be some effect for rain and thunder. I'm so excited about this project because this is for my own bedroom decoration.

Okay let's get started!

This is the video of my Star Constellations - Sky on the Wall.
(change the quality for a better view)

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Here is all you will need:

(1) Arduino UNO R3
(20 plus) LEDs Super Bright (white, red, green, blue, yellow, RGB flash)
(13) 100 ohm / 220 ohm resistors
(1) Recycled paperboard
(1) IR Receiver
(1) Optical Fibers
(1) 9V battery
(1) IR-Remote
(1) on-off switch
(4) Old-broken CD
(1) Unused CD case
- Fishing line
- Breadboard
- Shrink tubing
- Copper Metal Foil Tape
- Rainbow wire
- Male header extended
- Cotton
- Transparent Plastic Sheet

Optional :
- some knickknacks
- nut and bolts
- Acrylic paint color

Tools :
- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Mini drill
- Pliers
- Cutter
- PVC Glue
- Hot Glue
- Helping hands (if you don't have it, you can build it from my helping hands instructable)
<p>This is awesome well done... John :)</p>
<p>LOVE the piano version of Reach Out To The Truth you used. awesome looking project.</p>
<p>Bro I'm back!!! Here's the project I created with the help of your creation! Thanks for the inspiration!! I'll make updates once I receive the proper parts! </p><p><a href="http://littlebits.cc/projects/littlebit-of-the-universe" rel="nofollow">http://littlebits.cc/projects/littlebit-of-the-universe</a></p>
Wow that was awesome bro!! I'm so excited to saw your creation. Good job, keep up the good work :D
<p>Quick question: Do you think this type of copper metal foil tape would work for conductance? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Corry-s-15-ft-Slug-and-Snail-Copper-Tape-715/100662157</p>
Of course you can use it, it's the same type of copper tape like I using. Good luck :)
<p>Cool Thanx dude! I'll keep you posted!</p>
<p>This is truly amazing! You just inspired me to bring more life to my room! I'll update you in the future with the instructable! Great work! </p>
<p>Thank you so much, appreciate it greatly. I can't wait to see your work, I'll be waiting for your update, it's gonna be awesome :D</p>
too hard its impossible
No, nothing is impossible. it's quite easy and fun in the making. if I can do it, you can do it too :)
FazieFazie - Awesome work - You are really talented!! Can I offer a some more inspiration? Years ago there was an album produced and inspire by a storm. The album is One Stormy Night by the Mystic Moods Orchestra - I found it on YouTube check it out I think you could really get lost in the dream with your project and some of the sound track. <br>A couple of ideas you might enjoy &quot;The Local Freight&quot; @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeXdqx01z3U <br> Also check out: side #2 song #1 and Song #2 &quot;Aja Toro&quot; @ . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4zubXlrkHU <br> <br>I'd love to see some video if you ever mate the two together I think it would be really neat!!!! Great Job Keep It Up!!
Thank you so much for the inspiration, appreciate it greatly. I'll enjoy the song :)
Awesome! I wish I were as creative as you!
Thank you so much, appreciate it greatly :)
Would this be a hard project for a person with no background in engineering?
No, it's quite easy. You can just upload the code from this ible to the Arduino. But note carefully about the polarity of the LED, negative and positive. And don't forget to googling the polarity of your IR receiver, IR receiver that I have may be different from yours. When going to test the LED, don't give any voltage on the LED without resistors. And follow every step that I have given. <br> <br>This project actually requires precision, patience and creativity. I believe you can make it too. If you find any difficulty in the process, feel free to ask me :)
I love the looks of this, thanks for sharing. I think the clouds alone would serve as a great mood lighting is distributed evenly in the room...
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :)
that's an impressive project, well realized! congrats! <br>maybe you can add an Ethernet shield or a wi-fi shield to Arduino and synchronize the weather special effects with the weather forecasts... I'm not so skilled but I think it would not too hard to make
Thank you, appreciate it greatly :) <br> <br>Currently I'm saving money to buy some Arduino-compatible modules, one of them is an Ethernet shield. When I bought it, I will try to develop it. Thank you so much for the idea :)

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