Picture of Skychair angle adjustment mod
  I have really enjoyed my skychair so far. It's fun and more comfortable than you would expect, it's so comfortable I sleep in it on occasion. However, in order to be able to sleep comfortably it needs to be laid far back, but when I'm sitting, I like it at a more normal sitting angle. The chair DOES have a basic knot to adjust the angle but that takes a bit of patience to change since the rope its made from likes to settle and sometimes makes it quite a challenge to mess with.

  This little modification makes my skychair a lot easier to change quickly, and as a bonus it makes washing the chair a bit easier.
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Step 1: Stuff

Picture of Stuff
All you need is 2 Quick connects/Maillons. They're pretty much a chain link that you can open and close with a nut. I got mine at Ace Hardware for about $3 a piece.

Step 2: The knot

Picture of The knot
  When I first examined my skychair to see if there was any real modifying I could do to it, I looked closely at their knot. The knot is an elegant solution to keep the design looking smooth and clean. The rope is hollow so when you try compressing it axially, it expands outward to create a hollow chamber in the middle. The knot loops around itself 2.5 times and goes through with the sealed end winding up inside that hollow space.