Make a play castle or build a storage container for Skylanders in a tower that looks like the portal.  Here are my plans along the way as I built my son's.  You can also learn how to paint wood to make it look like stone or concrete.  The next step will show what all materials you will need. 

Step 1: Materials

You will need some scrap wood (pallets for the thin side pieces and 1/4 inch plywood for the shelves and 2 foot section of a 1 by 6 to make the top, also about 2 feet of a 1 by 2).  You will also need: Hand Saws (a band Saw would make it faster), Jig Saw, Clamps (lots), Wood Glue, Rulers, Pencils, a Square, Sand paper, Paint and Paint Brushes (and maybe a toothbrush). The paint I used was 2 cheap cans of Flat light gray spray paint, and small craft paint (also cheap) of a med gray, a dark gray, a black, and a dark brown.  (but you could use other colors, I was trying to make it look like stone).
<p>that's pretty neat. Think i've got a lazy Susan (not my wife, just a friend), and Iwill just have 8 sides that go all the way to the top of the tower, and 8 dividers inside, and a hollow core inside to run the USB wire through (and a cold cathode light) Pics when done.</p>
<p>Awesome, I would love to see it if you finished it!</p>
<p>how bout plastic?</p>
<p>Krylon makes a textured spray paint that looks and feels like stone! </p><p>Shelf looks great, I am going to make a couple for other uses (I have no use or desire for a skylander!!) </p>
What did you mean by "slots" when you attached the shelves to the middle?
You cut a 1/4 inch space half way through one piece and halfway through the other then slide them into each other.
This pic shows the up and down support (square) and the two shelves (circles).
I love it! My children are Skylander Addicts... I am definitely going to need to build one of these. You got my vote! <br> <br>
I need to make 2 of them one for my boys and one for my nephew
I was thinking of making one to keep and one to sell to recoup my costs, but I used scrap material around the shop and the only thing I bought was 2 cans of spray paint and 3 craft paints at Wal Mart. (so about $6). Good luck with yours.
That is so great! Your son must just love it :D

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