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Introduction: Skylight Nightlight

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Next week is July 4th in the U.S.  I was in Walmart over the weekend and they had a Red-White-Blue yard solarlight for $1.50.  That's a buck fifty!  Like, I love it, and I bought three... two for the yard and one for me.

So, if you buy one to be Patriotic and show your colors, what do you do with this on July 5th?  I have a great idea... you can be Red, White, and Blue and Green, too.  Green for ecology, that is...

This Instructable will show you how to make a skylight-nightlight in about 2 hours for the cost of $2.50 plus tax for the parts.  Buy this before the 4th and you get to use it in your yard before you do the frankenstein-parts thing.  Let's have fun.

Every picture has hints.  Exercise care since wire cutters can cut skin.  Use eye-protection during periods where you are snipping away at the plastic.  Exercise high-temperature precautions when using the hot-melt glue gun.  If you are a minor, seek your parents help.

Step 1: Disassembly

Pictures 1 thru 4

Step 2: Modification

Pictures 5 thru 8

Step 3: Reassembly

No pictures, just secure the top (solarcell side) to the bottom (LED) side using 2 of the 3 original screws.

Step 4: Add the suction cups (procured from the local dollar store - kitchen department, 12 for $1)

Pictures 9 thru 11

Step 5: Finalize the project

Picture 12 - Verify good attachments of the suction cup "arms" and that the hot-melt glue has secured everything into place.  This project works best when parts do not subsequently fall off and down onto the floor.

Step 6: Locate and place the project

Picture 13 and 14.  A bright area should be located such that some sun is directly upon the solar cell during some parts of the day.  You will likely have to relocate between Summer and Winter and maybe more often based upon your geography.  ALways clean the glass and wash the suction cups during relocation.


- Ray



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