Picture of Skyrim Ancient Nord Helmet
Hello again,

So after a finished Thor's hammer ( check out my other instructables ) I was happy with it, but I really enjoyed doing the fake metal paint work, so I wanted to do more, being a gamer and builder I like to make things I don't think I could ever get my hands on, and after racking up 100+ hours on skyrim I figured I'd make a helmet (again!), I could have gone for the best helmet in the game or the most powerful, but I went with a quite standard ancient Nordic one, because of the metal painting and I liked the horns.

So here's my take on that helmet, slightly modified to suit me, different horns and bits and bobs, it's how I wanted it, but you feel free to do it your way! Your the boss!
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Step 1: Pep File

Picture of Pep File
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
Like most of the lids I've made, I found a pepakura file close to the nord lid, ( I can't remember the address but you can find most things by googling what you want, normally the 405th or have loads of stuff!)

So as per,

Step 2: Fibreglass

Picture of Fibreglass
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
I go straight onto the card on the outside, on the inside, I used a bit of fibre but I don't go made because the card is pretty stiff when it's glassed on the outside.

Step 3: Bondo

Picture of Bondo
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
Once the glass has gone off, it's bondo time!
Putting on thin (ish) layers, I work front to back, this time I did the full lid, then sanded, my god the sanding is insane! Wear a mask!

Step 4: Lil Bit Of Detail

Picture of Lil Bit Of Detail
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
In the bondo I wanted to put scratches and cuts and make the metal look used, I did most of this work with a dermal and sandpaper etc,

Step 5: So Begins The Paint!

Picture of So Begins The Paint!
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
13, 10:01 PM.jpg
Normally I'd primer and undercut, but I'm using a paint called hammeright, it's for painting metal railings and stuff, good stuff, two coats of that should be sweet!
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hell yeah so awesome. hopefully i'll get what i want in my local store so i am able to build this thin

nwalt318 months ago
Hey matson! I finished up the whole suit of armor and I'd love it if you went and checked it out! Tell me what ya think
nwalt3110 months ago
Wow! Magnificent job! I loved it so much I decided to build my own. I even put out an instructable on it, check it out and tell me what you think!
matson23 (author)  nwalt3110 months ago
Nicely done nwalt31, looks great, I've made a few of these now, I've changed the way I do the horns, have a look on my page, Nordic helm 2, anyways cheers for using my instructable to help you with yours! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the armor you've started! :)
Sqreon1 year ago
Very nice!
tc231 year ago
Where can you go about getting fiberglass and bondo? Would a local hardware store carry them?
matson23 (author)  tc231 year ago
Hello, yeah most hardware shops sell them, there is a fibreglass kit you can buy that has the hardner and glass and resin all in one box, and it's fairly cheap, and the bondo I get from a hardware shop too, but most car places will sell it too
cool its awesome
Cool. I like that
Silence1 year ago
What kind of simple alternatives to glass can a person use for pep ?
I've got over 340 hours on skyrim :P
matson23 (author)  Silence1 year ago
First off, wow! Good job on the skyrim addiction! Haha that's impressive, I bet your untouchable on it now,
As for an alternative to fibreglass I'm not sure, you could maybe use stiffer card, or paint it with pva, it wouldn't be as stiff but it might work, but let me know of you do come up with an alternative, it'd be quite interesting to see the results.
Yes, I fell giants in one mighty shot from my bow and I laugh as I bathe in the breath of dragons.
I tried using a thin coat of wood glue once, but its too wet and warps the heck outta the model, even with the heavy card stock.
I might one day try transferring a print to thin sheet metal, see how that works. hmmmm, I need an anvil !
Its not quite ideal, but try Durhams Water Putty. It is a special gypsum based filler putty that is rock hard when it dries. Will take some experimentation to get it right, but its nice because it has no smell.
matson23 (author)  jarikcbol1 year ago
Dirhams water putty? Never heard of it, but I'll give it a go, can you mold it like clay I wonder? And will it stick to the card/fibreglass? Thank you jarikcbol! Nice to have new technics to try! :)
It will stick well to card, never tested it on fibreglass. If you mix it to the right consistency, it may be workable as a putty, but it does dry pretty quick. It is a very different substance, and may take some tweaking, and of course, may not be the right thing in the end, but experimentation is always fun.
This is a really awesome helmet I enjoy making these kind of things I favorited it it was so cool
xflaviox1 year ago
Totaly will cosplay as fat Dovahkiin
Very nice. I love all the battle damage and weathering. Great job of making it look like it has legitimately seen lots of fights and gotten good wear and tear. I've only tried to do weathering on one thing so far, but I just felt like it came off looking like smeared paint.
Excellent job man, love the battle damage.
matson23 (author)  newfiebackflip1 year ago
Thanks you, yeah I think it suits the look of the helmet too
Looks fantastic, brilliant. Small suggestion - if you fill out the flats on the cardboard with car body filler before you fibreglass, you could get a more rounded shape, couldn't you?
matson23 (author)  throbscottle1 year ago
Thank you! ,yeah you can do anything you want when it's glassed, as for rounding it out more, sure, that's not what I wanted but you could if you wanted too. :)
steele_001 year ago
Make me one!!!
jimwalls91 year ago
Oh .... I thought that said Nerd helmet..... Damn.
DemonNova1 year ago
Yup, you're the MAN! (NorseMAN)! Can't wait to get started. My Grandson is gonna love this. If I don't keep it!
Wow - that is totally awesome. Your writing is just fine. I'd like to know a bit more about the cardboard folding bit - that looked extremely hard. You should work in the movies with that kind of talent.
matson23 (author)  carl.myhill1 year ago
Thank you kind sir! I've just done another instructable about the other helmets I've done, it shows you some of the card folding and gluing process,( it should be on my page by now,) it's kinda like a big 3d jigsaw puzzle, but you have to cut the pieces out, then it's just a case of steady hands and patience, lots of patience.
aflores321 year ago
Great job! Is the helmet made of paper and then you put a little bit of fiberglass on it? I was kind of confused on your beginning instructions. Thank you!
matson23 (author)  aflores321 year ago
Yeah sorry I'm not very clear in some bits, you start with a4 sheets of card, quite stiff card if you can get it, cut and fold the shapes you need, then what I do is tape it together on the inside to hold it in place, then I use super glue on the join, just a touch to stick it together, this seams to work for me, other people do it different, pva glue or just tape, whatever suits you really, then when your all done, I fibreglass the outside of the helmet with just the resin, on the inside I use some of the matting fibreglass and the resin, makes it very stiff and durable while you bondo and paint. Hope that's a bit better explained! Like I say I'm not the best at explaining myself but I'm getting better! Haha :)
mslaynie1 year ago
This is phenomenal!! Before reading your instructable, I thought to myself how I'd do it, since I have a background of making props for theater (among other things)! I was SO OFF! This is just fantastic, and now I want to get my hands dirty doing this! Thanks for sharing your techniques!
matson23 (author)  mslaynie1 year ago
Aw that's great, glad to be of some help! :)
srice71 year ago
Sweet build. it would be awesome if u did a iron man helmet
TheZacmann1 year ago
looks really good! what I would have done with it though, would to be adding all the details on first so its a smoother touch, but other than that its a must build!
props1 year ago
I can't help but say this but that was so great that I might just follow you
This looks great! One of the best ones I've seen on here! Keep up the good work!
joey24dirt1 year ago
Yet again another great instructable dude!
matson23 (author)  joey24dirt1 year ago
thanks joe, i couldnt have done it with out your fibreglass input! get that controller mod on here and let the noble prizes flow!
Absolutely awesome!!! Definitely one of the best reps I've seen!! Legend!! Any chance
matson23 (author)  nottingham atlatl1 year ago
thank you for that, and funny you should say about the master chief, im making one for my nephew,although he doesnt know it, im about half way through, but having trouble with the visor so its on the back burner for a bit till i can figure something out.while thats brewing im just about to start a lotr sauron helmet build,massively hard pep but looking forward to it, instructables for both coming soon hopefully!
poofrabbit1 year ago
This is fantastic! I really need to try out some of these materials to make things, I just get nervous. How long have you worked with fiberglass and bondo?
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