Step 8: Paintjob

Picture of Paintjob
This step is down to you really, as there are many variations on the dragon priest masks and you can paint it however you like. Going for the authentic Krosis look, I first coated it with a couple of coats of primer then moved on to a very golden and shiny paint. If it’s anything like the one I got, it looks stunning but in order for it to stay nice it needs to take its time with drying. For this reason, it is important to apply VERY THIN coats and not to touch the surface until you are 100% sure it is dry. Too thick a coat will make a horrible, runny mess and a week on it will still get covered in fingerprints at the slightest touch, as I discovered the first time around.

If you do get fingerprints on it, don't worry, they can come out. Just get a soft piece of cloth and rub very lightly and they will eventually fade.

Now it’s time to age it. It took me a while to figure out how far I should go, and the first time around it was a horrible black mess with random golden scratches, and I was too ashamed to take a photo. When it is dry, you may want to rub the surface VERY gently with a soft rag just to polish it up and also to get rid of any remaining moisture.

You should use matt black paint to paint in the crevices (Don't worry about it being messy yet) and then use a sponge to move it around. Wipe along the crease and when you are satisfied with the coverage, dab a dry part of your sponge on the paint to make it look more natural. It should dry very quickly as your coats should be very thin. On my first go I went really overboard, so it’s important to know when to stop. Unless you know what you're doing, I would advise that you stick to the crevices and avoid the large, flat surfaces. If the paint goes on too thick, consider watering it down.

You are finished! Now you can guard ancient Word Walls, kill Savos' students or just enjoy your 20% bonus to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy. Have fun making this mask, and please post any pictures of your own!
Eldalote1 year ago

That's really awesome!

really amazing job. I've seen papakura (sure i butchered that spelling) but from original I wouldn't have believe it came from that.

what gold paint DID you use? most gold paint i've seen is spray paint, and looks absolutely wretched. i'd love to know how to get something so metalic as what you have. it's glorious... (love the whole thing btw. beutiful, looks authentic)
this is the coolest thing ever. kudos
Misac-kun2 years ago
Thats Beautiful! The shinning! the Weathering! Fantastic!