Introduction: Skyrim Riften Guard Shield

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This is a project I've wanted to make for a long time. When I played the game, I collected all of the towns' guard shields but Riften and Morthal were my favorites.

Step 1: Cut Circle

The piece is a 1 3/4 foot diameter circle from 1/2 inch plywood. I
actually used a trash can lid from my garage for the pattern, so whatever works.

Step 2: Stain

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The staining took multiple coats to look right. It's difficult to discern exactly what kind of wood the game shield is made of, so I just picked one that looked right to me.

Step 3: Paint

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The painting was done freehand with a lot of trial and error. As I was painting the swords I was using the purple almost as much as the yellow. Just take the pattern piece by piece and plod your way through it.

Step 4: Add Handle and Strap

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Slightly offset both pieces from the middle, I had to adjust both several times before the balance was right.

The strap is a section of an old belt, cut with dikes and screwed on, deliberately with one screw on one end, so it can adjust and be more comfortable.

The handle is a regular cabinet handle. Don't be like me and get one too small. You want to be able to bend your knuckle underneath it.

Step 5: Soften Grip

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As I said, I bought a size too small handle, which meant my knuckles dug into the wood. After getting fed up with this, I decided "screw aesthetics!" And added a pad. I cut a shape out of felt to wrap around the handle and staples it on. I decided against painting it, since it would lose fuzziness.


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