Picture of Skyrim Hold Shields
Here, I am going to show you how to make a skyrim shield prop!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need: 
a 4' x 4' sheet of 3/4" plywood
jig saw or band saw
belt sander
silver, yellow and black paint
painters tape
wood stain

Step 2: Initial cuts

Picture of Initial cuts
Cut your 4' x 4' square into four 2' x 2' pieces. Draw a cirlce on one of these, then clamp the two plywood sheets together. Put them on a sawhorse or other stable surface, and start cutting the shape of the circle with your jig saw. 
Once this is done, glue and clamp them together. Wait for about 12 to 24 hours before you take off the clamps.

Step 3: Detailing

Picture of Detailing
At this point, you will want to sand the edges smooth with your belt sander. Once this is done, grab your dremel and grab a sanding bit or a carving bit. At equally spaced intervals, make a vertical line from one end to the other. This gives the appearance that the shield was put together from multiple pieces of wood. Sand them to make sure the grooves are smooth. If your plywood doesn't have a heavy grain, you may choose to make very slight etching to improve the grain appearance. 

Step 4: Adding the rim and some color

Picture of Adding the rim and some color
Now, you want to grab your painters tape and cover the entire thing, if you plan on painting with spray paint. Cut off about 1" of tape around the perimeter and spray with silver paint. 
When it is dry, remove the painters tape and apply a coat or two of wood stain to darken the wood a bit.
Don't worry about if your silver "metal" rim comes out perfect or if the stain is a little rough. This is supposed to be a replica of something made quickly in haste of a war. 

Step 5: Painting: Part 1

Picture of Painting: Part 1
Leave a one inch gap and paint a yellow circle. Fill it in with paint and make sure none of the wood is viewable from beneath. This may require a few coats of paint, as mine required 3 or 4. 

What did you use for handles?

joshuajt (author) 1 year ago
each shield is made of two 3/4" sheets laminated together. it just happened that the piece I picked up was big enough to make into four different sections a.k.a 2 shields.
flamesami1 year ago
I might be reading this wrong, but your shield is made of 4 sheets of 3/4" ply, laminated together? I would have thought that 3/4" is more than thick enough for a normal human!
Do you know Mr. Volpin? His tutorial is almost the same as yours... credit where it is due, otherwise you have done a great job here!
joshuajt (author)  stringstretcher1 year ago
I can't say I am particularly familiar with Volpin. I've seen his some of his video game guns floating around on the internet though. And don't worry, I always credit something I have used.
bigb09861 year ago
wilgubeast1 year ago
That looks great! I have been chased out of Whiterun a few times by many gentlemen wielding similar shields.