I made a guards hold shield from the hit video game the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These are the shields that bear the emblem of each hold in the realm of Skyrim. The shields were made from recycled scrap plywood from a construction site and other items used in house repair. This was a really fun build. Please vote for me in the Game.Life 3 contest and the Green Design contest. Comments and feedback are very much appreciated.

Step 1: Make Your Stencil.

Photoshop (or any picture editor)
Hobby knife
Reference pictures

Find the picture that you want to use.  Put it into Photoshop and carefully work around the edges of your reference picture. Erase all other color and make the emblem black. Also add bridges so that you do not need any islands in the stencil. Save the file as a .jpeg and then import it into blockposters.com. Print out the pdf file it gives you and start gluing them together, carefully trimming with your scissors to take off any excess. Once this is done you can start to very carefully cut your stencil out with a hobby knife. Now set your finished stencil aside until the painting part.
totally gonna make this tmrw!! thank you so much!!
How are you supposed to hold it?
<p>I imagine that one could screw in a large drawer handle and/or nail in leather straps to put your forearm through.</p>
<p>Yeah, but without that the instructable feels incomplete.</p>
Awesome! <br>
Amazing! Can't wait to make this!
Thanks I can make this for my sister. She is a big Skyrim fan.
I will make it!
Love the -ible and it was a 5 star bonus finding the blockposters.com website! thanks!
Thanks! I have used blockposters to make a ton of stencils! It works great!
awesome, think i'll have to give this a try :)

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