Step 9: Become Dovahkiin

Put your new hat on and go kill some dragons. Or scare your dog, whatever.
<p>love it cool looking</p>
Awesome I love this, though I'm having trouble printing the pattern out. I'm not sure what size of the picture I'm supposed to use..(there's about 8 choices I think) Oh, and how much does to cost to make one of these?<br>Thanks!
There should only be the three linked images for the pattern. They each need to be printed to fill a standard Letter Size sheet of paper.<br><br>Assuming you already own the proper tools, the materials should only set you back about $7-$10, depending on sales at your local fabric store.<br><br>If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
I can't find where the different sizes are, I can only find the large size
Oooo and FUS RO DAH !!!
When i go back to school im gonna ask if my home ec teacher if we can do this
On the printing pattern size there are lots of options: tiny, small, medium etc. Which do I choose?
My printer was out of ink (It won't print black without yellow ink =_=) so I copied the pattern into photoshop, zoomed until it was the size of a peice of paper, and traced it. I am the master of improvising.
Bravo! I like the improvisation. The improved model I have been toying with uses legal pad paper, so your trick should work on that as well,
very good work! i was hoping to find this so i can make my own. if you want to email me send a mesage at anderwmorris13@verizon.net. <br>
Is there any way to tweak the design so that it looks more like the helm in the actual game/trailer?
I'm actually working on an overhaul for the project now that I have the game and can look at the helmet from different angles. I'll try to have it up within a week.
Neat idea for Halloween.
I might make a stuffed Lydia to go along with this. Something to throw across the room when the in-game Lydia blocks my path or sets off traps.
Awesome job making the mask! It turned out great!
Thank you. My brother likes the one I made him.
Can i just sew by hand?
Of course you can. It'll take longer, but you can achieve the same final product.
Love it, definitely making it for my Secret Santa this year! Just wondering how big the mask is when its finished? I cant really measure my persons head so even rough measurements would be awesome :)
My head is about 63cm (~24.5in) in circumference, the hat design with a 0.31cm (~1/8in) seam will fit very nicely on my head. Not too snug, but it stays where I put it. Depending on the fabric you purchase, how you align the pattern will allow stretching in different directions.<br><br>Now I want to make a red one with white horns and a fur trim. Good luck with your project and throw a picture up when you are done.
so, you're wearing this while playing the game, right?
I will as soon as it arrives. :)

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