Hello again and welcome to my tutorial on making a Skyrim steel mace!
This project was really really really easy! with the mace itself being only a wooden stick with bits of foam stuck to it essentially, BUT! AND THIS IS A BIG BUT!!!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS MY WAY THEN PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE OR HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE A LATHE PROPERLY!!! SERIOUSLY YOU CAN REALLY HURT YOURSELF USING ONE OF THESE! 

Also its worth mentioning that i know not everyone will have access to a lathe so the best next thing might be to use an old wooden brush handle, some styrofoam for the pointy bits on either end and eva foam for the bands of metal and the blades? But that is just a suggestion? 

Anyways! the items i used to make this build were:
- Eye Protection
- Dust Mask
- Lathe
- Lathe chisels 
- Wood stain/Preservative 
- Paint (Black and Silver)
-  Hobby knife
- Pencil
- Marker Pen
- EVA Foam (Gym Mats)
- Thin play foam
- Measuring tape
- Sand paper
- Dremel (with sanding attachment)
 - Glue gun and sticks

Step 1: Step 1.

Ok so first of all i loaded up the image of the mace in Adobe Illustrator and scaled it up to the size that i thought was right.
The measurements were:

- Height: 55cm
- Width: 14cm

The next thing to do is to print so you have something to keep looking at for reference when you are using the lathe. I printed off one that was to scale and another for reference. 
<p>awesome!</p><p>(\ _ /)<br>(o.o)<br>(&gt; &lt;)<br>/_|_\</p>
<p>This is impressive, I could never do something that complex but maybe an imperial sword :)</p>
<p>Thanks very much! :) To be honest the lathe work is fairly easy, you just need a lathe though! :P Somebody suggested using PVC piping instead, you could give that a go? and yeah the imperial sword is pretty awesome, i might give that a go as well ? :P</p>
Could some sort of piping (PVC, CPVC, Conduit ect) just be used as a replacement for the wood if one had the right fittings
<p>I have never used piping in my work but all I can say is try it out :) i can't see why it shouldn't work? I might use PVC in the future for gun props?</p>
Well done Nath! x
tyr looking on line 4 local leather supply houses. or yr local sheep groweer should have leather 4 u to buy
awesome, will do thanks!
using a mouse to sand. isnt that hard on the poor mouse. does the mouse bite u as well? when u push it too hard? <br>
Awesome! Only thing.. Think the blades need to be a bit bigger! Other than that, perfect!
Also i think it looks small because of my lack in photography skills :P and also the angle the photo was taken, i have now put up a new photo with the mace propped up on its side. It looks a little bit bigger now :P
woohoo thanks!! :D

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