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Hey there! this is my first instructable so go easy on me :P

Anyways! in this inscrutable i will show you my Skyrim steel plate armour i have been working and answer any questions you may have to the best if my abilities so please enjoy :)

So here is most of the pieces on my bed, when i took this photo i still hadn't done the thigh pieces and as you can see the shin pieces still need painting. The sword on the bed is a Dragonbone sword also from Skyrim and is also made from EVA but i will do another inscrutable for weapons.

The fur for the Gauntlets and the loincloth where bought at a textiles shop, the fur is fake! i didn't kill any animals during this build :P

Once the armour is complete i will add the pictures on to Inscrutables but for more on how i am making it go to my youtube channel "Iron Foam" and for more pictures of this project and others i have done go to my Facebook which is also called "Iron Foam".

Thanks and i hope you like this build :)


So since i made this showcase i have now finished all of the pieces for the armour. :P


Silverleo (author)2016-11-15

Can you post the templates for cutting the foam

glen.ryerson.1 (author)2015-09-14

Where are the instructions for this Instructable?

Leopardjoy16 (author)2014-10-13

That looks like it took a long time, wow!

mrowlands1 (author)2013-12-16

So awesome Nath, well done xxx

sokiboi78 (author)2013-11-07

Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)

Nate Space (author)sokiboi782013-11-07

Thanks very much! and will do :) !

Lei_Kei (author)2013-09-19

This is very cool! I've been trying to make some skyrim armor

Nate Space (author)Lei_Kei2013-09-19

Thanks!!! and also here's a link to my facebook page if you wanna see anything else i'm making at the mo :)

Nate Space (author)Nate Space2013-09-19

ThePathfinder (author)2013-09-19

Awesome for a first instructable!

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