Introduction: DIY Slash's Top Hat Made From Ice Cream Bucket

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Make the coolest prop for your halloween costume and rock like slash of gnr.this is very easy to make all you need is a ice cream bucket some paint and cardboard

Step 1: Ice Cream Bucket

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Empty your favorite flavor ice cream bucket.and remove the handle.keep the lid cause this will be base for the brim

Step 2: Paint

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Paint your ice cream bucket black

Step 3: Brim

Picture of Brim

Cut a brim out of card board and paint black.make sure it fits on the lid.

Step 4: Attach

Picture of Attach

attach brim to the lid.i used 1/4 inch sheet metal screws.then cut the circle out from the lid.

Step 5: Embellish

Picture of Embellish

Add buckles to hat.i found some lick and stick stickers for stationary.they look good and work well.

Step 6: Complete Top Hat

Picture of Complete Top Hat

And enjoy add a wig and guitar and instant rock star

Step 7: Add Wig to Complete Your Slash

Picture of Add Wig to Complete Your Slash

Add wig and a cigarette and your guitar and rock the night away like slash.i hope you like my for it if you like is very cheap to make and simple.


institutogroff (author)2013-10-18

I love it! We're gonna have a Halloween party at our school and our coordinator will dress as slash! Thank you so much for this!

Thank you so much I'm glad you like it.please vote for it.

jreynolds20 (author)2013-10-17

Please vote for slash

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