Picture of Slate Coasters
This is a super cheap, super easy project that results in a super cool product :)

Slate £ free (offcuts, speak to your local roofer)
Foam 75p per A4 sheet (most art / craft shops)

Total = 50p per pack of 4 tiles....... that's 12.5p per tile!!!!!

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Step 1: Mark out slate

Picture of Mark out slate
Use a ruler and a stick of chalk to mark your coaster

Step 2: Cut slate

Picture of Cut slate
There are three ways of cutting the coaster, the most difficult is the 'old school' but it requires no power tools and if you get it right, it gives the nicest effect on the edges of the slate

Old School Method
  • Get a machete or thin strip of steel (2-3mm thick)
  • Place the tile on a flat surface with a straight edge
  • Smash the hell out of it :)    (see video)

This is the best way of cutting but is also the most difficult, check out my 'rage quit' when i break my coaster :(

Quicker Method
  • Use a diamond blade in an angle grinder
  • Cut tile

Neatest Method
  • Get a wet blade tile cutter
  • Cut tile

Step 3: Cut foam to size

Picture of Cut foam to size
Use scissors to cut a square of foam just smaller than the slate.

Step 4: Glueing the foam

Picture of Glueing the foam
  • Pre heat the slate in the oven, just warm it to 400C. If you don't the hot melt glue quickly solidifies against the cold slate
  • Remove from oven and neatly create a square of glue on the slate
  • Turn the coaster the right way up and squish the foam onto the slate and glue.

Step 5: Use! or wrap for a lovely gift :)

Picture of Use! or wrap for a lovely gift :)
skinnybet3 years ago
thanks for this one,been wondering what i can do with a few slates i have..im thinking id use sugru as little coaster feet
jonnyd55 (author)  skinnybet3 years ago
Hi, yep sugru would work fine....if it sticks? :)
jarikcbol3 years ago
very nice. i wish people used slate for roofing where i live, but such is not the case. which makes getting slate here prohibitively expensive.
jonnyd55 (author)  jarikcbol3 years ago
I guess we are fortunate in the uk as Wales is pretty much made of slate so there is plenty about