Picture of Slate Coasters
This is a super cheap, super easy project that results in a super cool product :)

Slate £ free (offcuts, speak to your local roofer)
Foam 75p per A4 sheet (most art / craft shops)

Total = 50p per pack of 4 tiles....... that's 12.5p per tile!!!!!

Step 1: Mark out slate

Picture of Mark out slate
Use a ruler and a stick of chalk to mark your coaster
skinnybet3 years ago
thanks for this one,been wondering what i can do with a few slates i have..im thinking id use sugru as little coaster feet
jonnyd55 (author)  skinnybet3 years ago
Hi, yep sugru would work fine....if it sticks? :)
jarikcbol3 years ago
very nice. i wish people used slate for roofing where i live, but such is not the case. which makes getting slate here prohibitively expensive.
jonnyd55 (author)  jarikcbol3 years ago
I guess we are fortunate in the uk as Wales is pretty much made of slate so there is plenty about