A very low cost and very easy project anyone can make, great activity to get your kids involved in as they are soooo proud of making a quality gift that looks like it was professionally made. 

All you need is the following

Reclaimed slate tiles 30p each (reclamation yard, ebay, old roof)
Wood batons £ free (scrap wood, off cuts or DIY store)
Screws 30p

Total cost = £2 - £2.50 per pot

Screw driver
Drill + masonry or tile drill bit + Screwdriver bit

Step 1: Drilling Tiles

  • Stack four tiles on top of each other, ensuring the nail holes and edges are aligned
  • Measure and mark three holes for the screws (the nail holes count as one hole)
  • Drill through all the tiles at once, be careful not move the tiles whist drilling. If they do move realign them immediately
Great i'ble! I'm going to have a go making these this weekend - thanks. <br>Just wondering if anyone could propose an alternative to the wood, as it will rot inside the pot. I guess treated wood would last longer but I don't know how much. Also, I imagine you don't need to use slate for the support inside, as it won't be seen - was considering using a plastic pot inside (which would also cut down on the amount of compost needed as you talked about). <br>Anyway, please don't take my suggestions as criticism - these look great and are just what I've been looking for for ages. Thanks again.
Have made some of these and am really pleased with them - even my wife thinks they look good! I made a slight change and made them so a square plastic pot would sit with the corners of its lip resting on the wood used to join the tiles. That way it avoids the wood contacting the compost (and reduces the amount of compost required). Otherwise exactly the same. Thanks again for a great i'ble. Duncan
AEG drill? lithium? RU Happy?
Outstanding! Even if you had to buy the slate tiles new, it would still be cheaper than plastic pots and 100x nicer.
Thanks :) originaly i did that, it cost approx &pound;6-7 per pot......as you quite rightly say, still a bargain :)
Excellent &hellip; your pots are truly beautiful and I have a number of unused slates which now have a good reason to sit in the back of my basement until I make my own pots ! &hellip;&nbsp;<br>thank you for posting this inst'
That's great, send me a pic when you have made them :)

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