Picture of Sleek and stylish Ipad(and more) stand
This is a nice alternative to all the big and clumsy stands for ipad.

It took me less than 10 minutes and 2 tools to make this sleek stand

What you need:
x An Ipad
x 3 mm thick Plexiglas
x A jigsaw
x A hot air gun

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Get your Ipad, first things first, you have to have an Ipad to build an Ipad stand
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pwatkins31 year ago
I'm a PC but I have two iPads because they are a good product. Anyway good tut.
Good idea btw.
Why is it that every post with an apple product has people arguing about which company is better? Apple lovers: not everyone likes their products, believe it or not. Microsoft lovers: you don't need to bring up this topic ever time you see someone with an apple product. EVERY ONE JUST STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE OTHER COMPANY. YOU ARE NOT BEING FORCED TO USE THEIR STUFF.
i absolutly despise the ipad. but i love how you've used perspex! reminds me of high school fabrication classes lol. i wish there was more perspex type instructables on here as its a great building material and if you look hard enough easy to find and recycle. great idea very simple and your results look very astheticly pleasing and well made
 God i just hate pc people like you. Why do you have to DESPISE the ipad?
I mean c'mon, its just a product. Dam.

I like apple, but i don't hate pc, its just another company. WHY must you hate the ipad? i mean be mature. Im fricken 14 and i can.
 I  am fan of Dell computers but I love my itouch and ipod stuff, I dont mind macs but I prefer  dells, they both have great products
Dells suck! Im not sorry for that they just suck!
 Why, cause there better and more durable than apples 
More durable, yes. Better, heck no!
 Cheaper can do more and better, yes
 the discussion was about the ipad.. the ipad is cheap compared to a laptop. ipad costs 400-500
but then again iPads are far inferior to laptops. No multitasking, keyboard sucks, and you are locked into Apple's itunes store for software and games.
i didnt write that either
I know. iPads are an expensive toy, they have no practical purpose. And you can get a good laptop for less than an iPad.
What laptops are you looking at, the ipads cool but over priced, a godd laptop can be bought for less than 400 dollars 
the platform doesnt matter. i work with macs every day and osx is the best system i've used when working and producing then anything else. i just dont like the limits of the ipad for a device that's big enough and capable of being more than just a MID device. i have my home studio pc (yes pc) i build and repair both systems through work so im sorry if you cant be mature about things kNeXFreek and learn that out in the real world people can like what they want to like.
 ''im sorry if you cant be mature about things kNeXFreek and learn that out in the real world people can like what they want to like.''

yea...  im sure..
We hate the iPad because it sucks. Plain and simple.  Apple can and should do better.

If you ask me, they could fix most, if not all of the iPad's shortcomings and keep it at the same price, and potentially make a perfect product, but they continually "add" features to their products and "make them better" each year just so they can keep selling their stuff and make more money by incrementally upgrading their products.

If they are getting close to making the product perfect, they just suddenly discontinue the line in question and start a brand new line to replace it. 
Lowney DJ Radio5 years ago
Whilst I see KF is overreacting slightly, I disagree. Apple start with a product that is as good as they can make. Unfortunately, Apple is EXTREMELY arrogant and refuse to have any other company input, hence no flash player etc. A lot of new features for products are user requested, and the only brand that I am aware of that they have halted (in the whole "i" series) is the iPod mini, simply because it was obsolete. So new features are actually requested by critics and users, and Apple then improve the product like that.
DJ Radio Lowney5 years ago
But why not put those features in right off the bat? They have discontinued other lines too, but none of the others have "i" in the beginning of their name (example: Powerbook, newton)
Ok DJ, calm down. I am an otter. A big, smelly otter.
Yeah that's great. Have fun.
i didnt even write any of this entire conversation. someone has my account
Lowney DJ Radio5 years ago
Yeah that's my point, clearly apple are imaginatively challenged, and it's user feedback that tells them what to do next. So in essence they cannot add new features until they've released a sort of base model if you get me.
DJ Radio Lowney5 years ago
So their "innovation" is really a facade.
Lowney DJ Radio5 years ago
Well I wouldn't say that, the original iPod was a massive innovation, and most of the advancements were down to improvements in technology anyway.
Why hate it? Because it has no specific purpose and the media won't shut up about it. That's why people (me included) hate it, not to mention it's another thing that people who buy all the new gadgets but have no idea about anything to do with computers or anything technology related will brag about owning.
 Sounds like someone is jealous about people owning gadgets. People can buy what they want and do what they want with it.

You know why the iPad is gaining so much press? Because it is groundbreaking. Sure, it may not be the best at anything but it finally sets a bar for upcoming tablets. Just like the iPhone, the iPad will start the race with Android and other manufacturers to make a genuinely good tablet device.
No, I'm not gelous, it just annoys me when people only buy something so they can show it off when they have no intention for using it for anything else. I wasn't suggesting that everyone who buys an iPad is shallow.
this is still a great ible tho :P
it has its purposes, its just disappointing at what it could of done. its pretty much just a giant iphone which still makes a good consumer device. the development of a tablet device for more professional applications is what im waiting for. and the ipad asa device was just a big let down for me as it'd make my job so much easier if it did more then what my phone already does
Wow... so wrong.  It does have a specific purpose.  More than one, actually.  I use it to check my email downstairs so I don't have to run upstairs to my PC.  I let my 3 year old use it to paint, drag virtual stickers, and look at photos (he picked up the gestures and single HOME button easily).  i didn't buy it because it's a new gadget - I bought it because it's making my life easier and more fun.

Get over yourself funky monk - don't buy one... but hang up the attitude because it only make appear really jealous and sad.  Oh, and I'm a PC... but I own an iPad and love it.
 i hope you know you just said "if you look HARD ENOUGH its EASY TO FIND", i just wanted to point that out :)
thankyou :P
mhache5 years ago
Nice idea. Just made one. Looks great
caper6665 years ago
simple cheap and works great thanks. i made one in about 15 minutes from a 6x11 inch piece and its awesome.
gabureiru5 years ago
How did you cut the plexi????, I have tried to cut plexi but it always breaks apart.
 dremel and cut wheel! my fav tool for acrylic or plexi. 
i use a band saw. if you want a very presice cut, score with a box cutter like aaron_mcg says. sit it on a level surface and run a hack saw u and down the groove made with the box cutter, it'll take some finess but will leave an easy to sand and polish cut. you can also add a ronded edge but using a round file to make a semi cirle grove in and bit of saw blade or similar thing steel, and then scratch up and down your freshly cut edge of perspex to make a rounded edge.then just polish the edge with some fine wet n dry some brasso and a cloth
If you score your cut line with a boxcutter or exacto blade, then cut on the waste side of the score line, it will limit the amount of break-out. You can also try putting masking tape on both sides of the cut, drawing your cut line on the tape and then cutting.
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