Picture of Sleeping bag suit
Turn your extra sleeping bags into a lounging suit!

Step 1: Gather your materials

****This instructable needs to be done on an industrial sewing machine.*****

Sewing the bags on a regular sewing machine could damage your machine. Ask around, one of your friends may have one you could use.

You will need two poly filled sleeping bags. Down filled bags will be a huge mess!

Flat bags are easier to cut out a pattern from. I used one flat and one mummy bag.

You will also need some quilt edge trim from a fabric store.

SHARP strong scissors. My hand got tired and I had to occasionally take a break.
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Wow! Could this double as an insulated suit for, say, base jumping??!?! In case I ever need something like a flight suit that won't cost a fortune, I'll make sure to make myself one of these! Also, Cutco's Super-Shears would cut through sleeping bag materials like it was paper. I used it to cut the extra 2sq feet of space at the bottom of my sleeping bag a few weeks ago. I used a quick-stitch awl to lock-stick the seams. I'm definitely getting an industrial sewing machine though.

porklips2 years ago
Besides being awesome and super sexy, I like the idea of wearing this to work, just in case I need to take a nap.
JMMBA5 years ago
that is f#cking awesome
r3nrut6 years ago
Good job, but i think its already been invented
you mean the "Snuggie"
The snuggie isn't anything more than a backwards robe... this looks more like an insulated body suit
no not the snuggie. The lippieselkbag
What a great idea!  Could you possibly make me one? I could send you all of the materials to make one I take a size Ladies X Large!  My e-mail is larrymarcotte@ymail.com please and thank you! P.S. Once I have it on, I will never want to get out of it. Maybe you could  make me a "PINK" one?

Thanks Larry!
denisek.sf (author)  larrymarctte5 years ago
 Hi Larry,

I appreciate the offer but I'm afraid I will have to politely decline.  But if you ever run across any adult sized pink sleeping bags I would snap them up if I were you.

shane01375 years ago
absolute genius love it 5 stars
omnibot5 years ago
Found a commercial version called Selkbag.
Your's is way cooler though :)

codongolev5 years ago
I want to get like, four sleeping bags, each a little bigger than theprevious ones, make suits out of all of them, and put them all on. thenjump off the roof.
D.L.H.6 years ago
This is pretty intersting idea how long did it take to make exactly?
denisek.sf (author)  D.L.H.6 years ago
It took me the better part of a weekend. But it is a good idea to take two weekends since it is hard on the wrists sewing such a large piece.
Something I thought of:: Instead of cutting out feet, cut the feet off at the ankles to leave an opening for your foot. You can also add elastic band around the ankle so it fits snugly to your ankle. This will make it so you can still wear winter boots if you'd like.
rhino6 years ago
With bed bugs making a comeback I think you would want to make this with NEW sleeping bags, not yard sale ones. This is a great idea and I have often wished for something like this when sitting around a campfire.
dzent1 rhino6 years ago
Bedbugs seldom survive a thorough washing and drying. This is a non-problem for anyone with a normal sense of intelligence.
Lovely idea! BTW, I saw a documentary about apartment buildings in Toronto that were infested with bed bugs and the tenants had tried everything to get rid of them. According to the story, washing didn't work, and everything had to be burned
Sorry, all kinds of laundry additives will kill them. Their problem was reinfestation from the building itself, not that bedbugs can't be killed in the laundry.
jess60 dzent16 years ago
don't be mean
BlackJack236 years ago
Is there any way to make it without an industrial sewing machine?
By hand.... very slowly... with needles the size of small nails. I guess you really could, but the stitching won't hold up very well... or you'd need to double-stich everything which would take up even more time.
letsfaceit6 years ago
what you should have done is, instead of a pocket, just make a slot where you can reach into the pockets on your clothing, like on coveralls
chubaka6 years ago
So Cool!! :D Amazing idea ang well done!
Tjosek6 years ago
this is so cool!
luvit6 years ago
what should i wear under it?
denisek.sf (author)  luvit6 years ago
i tend to wear just my underclothes and socks.
Bridel5686 years ago
this seems great for camping all I will have to do is stuff it some more and this will be great. well I go camping a lot cause I'm a Boy Scout =) but this should be great as a sleeping bag cause you wake up and its so cold out that you don't wanna get up to go to the bathroom but with this, you could go to the bathroom and stay warm yay can't weight to try this. this could be great for paintball to(as log as it doesn't get caught on a branch.
moucon6 years ago
Wow - It does seem like an awful lot of work to make what we up here in new England would call a "Snowmobile suit" but I love your creativity and re-use of stuff that would otherwise get tossed away. Great job. Not sure everyone is going to have an industryial sewing machine handy though. What happens then? A bookbinder's needle and do it by hand?
ineclipse6 years ago
super cute.
kishida6 years ago
Very nice workmanship and cool idea!
Add a lining of Kevlar and some knee and elbow pads, and you would have the perfect garment for winter motorcycling! Perhaps for just around town though, cruising down the highway in one of these might make you look daft.
I've seen the commercial version of this and wanted one...very cool. I wish I had some extra sleeping bags laying around.
yags6 years ago
I love it!
Nice idea. The heat keeps getting turned off in our apartment building, causing quite a bit of discomfort. Up here in Canada this can be a serius problem. We have snowmobile suits here, but you would not be comfortable wearing one indoors. This idea has real merit. Best Wishes.
robbie1626 years ago
What a great idea.All I have to do now is to convince my dear wife to do the sewing
RobFS16 years ago
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