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My husband woke up coughing and a little feverish this morning.  UGH... a darn COLD!  

I knew I'd need to set aside my chores and make the long drive to town to buy him some Nyquil.  On the way,  it dawned on me to use the Nyquil and a few more ingredients to turn that nasty-tasting wonder-elixer into a delicious (as possible;-) Smoothie for this Instructable's Contest. The Grocery Store was out of Cherry Flavor, so this was a REAL challenge! ;-O)

Seriously.... this Mint-Chocolate Smoothie tastes almost as good as it looks. For a Nyquil cocktail, it tastes GREAT!!! ;-D

I would also like to add that my husband now thinks I'm an angel disguised as his wife. (I sure have him fooled. ;-) 

Disclaimer: Use Nyquil ONLY as directed on the bottle. This Cold/Flu Remedy Makeover is for sick people and NOT for recreational purposes... but you already knew that, right?


1 Tablespoon/ Dose Cup of Nyquil
1 piece Spearmint Candy
2 Tablespoon Water
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cool Whip frozen topping
Chocolate sauce
1 Strawberry

Microwave the Spearmint candy and water until the candy is melted. Use the low setting. Stir as needed.  It won't take but a minute.

Add the Nyquil, stir it well and put the liquid in the freezer. The Nyquil won't freeze, but it will get super cold and that makes for a better Smoothie.

Take the chilled Nyquil liquid from the freezer and add 2 or 3 BIG scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream and blend quickly with a fork or whisk.

Pour the Sleepy-time (rest-and-get-a-good-nights'-sleep) Smoothie into a Ice cold Glass.

Top with a dollop of Cool Whip and drizzle generously with chocolate sauce.

Garnish with a Strawberry and serve right before bedtime.


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    This color looks great, since the childhood I also special love to drink Smoothie, but When I had a cold, my mother tell me must drink the medicine, never thought can drink Smoothie, is really a good idea!

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    I don't worry about food since my druggist often tell me to take pills with
    a meal and moderate imbibing of adult spirits .


    As a chemist I should add in that there ARE possible interactions of drugs with food. It's not possible to foretell what reaction the drug could have with all the ingredients, especially if it has enough time to react. That could lead to new side effects and theoretically the drug becoming nonfunctional. As I said, it's not possible to tell.

    My warning is not meant as "DANGER DANGER" but rather a soft "Just think about it and take care".

    URGH, Im allergic to Nyquil!! Otherwise I would definitely try this one of those YUCKY, I dont feel like moving, Im hacking up furballs days!

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    Sometimes I use hot and sour soup as a cold remedy.......its got all the yummy stuff of chicken noodle soup with a kick to it!

    I so would love this! Can I pretend to be sick? Nyquil sends me to dreamland and I just float back up about 8 hrs later!

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    Hi Not a good idea as this is over use of a product intened for your body's need of sleep while ill---- better totake Valarian or Melotonin to sleepwhen well. If you use this like a sleep aide it will not work as your body becomes acostumed ot it . Please think before yu do it as a sleep aid

    Way to down her creativity. The real reason it sparked her noodle was because her husband woke up with a cold. And in my context of the situation, she called it "Sleep-Time Smoothy" because one usually takes Nyquil before going to bed. Hints the difference between Nyquil and Dayquil. You better work, Bajablue.

    I am 51 years old, I think I know what it is intended for. Also, valerian and melotonin are natural but still drugs and can be misused. Both have side effects, one of which is very vivid dreams, not good for rest!

    agreed...if you take too much melatonin over a period of time, there is a risk that your body will stop producing it.

    okay ,do as you llike , but I am not here to argue so again say and do as you like bye

    If you accidentally drink a whole travel size bottle of NyQuil (well, it looks like it ought to be single serving, but it's two or three) you wind up with creepy hallucinations. Not recommended. Just sayin'.

    Try a nice soothing beer instead of NyQuil. The hops in the beer make much better dreams and a rather restful sleep. About 20 minutes or so before bed so you can burp up the fizz and not get farty from it.

    <shudder> NyQuil chocolate mint chip smoothie. Bluuuhhhh. But whatever works, ya know?


    As Mitch Hedburg would say: "What are you drinking?" "NyQuil on the rocks. For when you're feeling sick, but sociable!"

    You are welcome! I am waiting to see what else you have to offer on instructables. I am enjoying it here because the talent is so awesome!

    Special Thanks to everyone who voted for my Sleepy-time Smoothie and especially to those with nice things to say!!! ;-)