Picture of Slender Man Costume
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Hello fellow instructableranators or robots, this is my very first instructable after finding this wonderful website. I will be honest I'm a little nervous but thats beside the point! so you want to be slender? and not look i have a suit and a white mask slender, holy tentacles, drop your cell phone/dying flashlight and run for that third page 6+ foot tall slender? well so did i but apparently the internet didn't because for all the searching I did I could not find how to make slendy tentacles. well search no more now low and behold the might slender man and with a little work you could have this amazing costume! so away to the woods/ home depot and michaels we go!
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Step 1: The Mythos

Picture of The Mythos
For those of you who do not know slender man is a old german creature known as Der Ritter (you know I'm just gonna go ahead and say THANKS SLENDER WIKI) he is depicted as a tall faceless man. He has recently been reemerging through the internet. Slender most common victims are children although he will stalk and impale human adults as well. He is known to give his victims "slender sickness" after stalking making victims have several severe symptoms. And for those wondering no he is not just a video game. For more reading about Sir Slendy and his Friends check out and also check out marble hornets on youtube.
jman0527 (author) 2 years ago
Hey guys welcome to my first instructable! I would love constructive criticism and be sure to vote for me in the epic costumes contest and the think geek sci fi contest
taz8430 jman052710 months ago

cool beans

how to get a jacket slenderman
Jack7ing2 years ago
I also made this costume and loved it i modified the stilts a little
taz8430 Jack7ing10 months ago

post a picture of the stilts

taz843010 months ago

slenderman is awesome wher dose he live

не оч

TheNerd021 year ago
That is an awesome costume!
Mckial772 years ago
This is an amazing costume i made it and it scared the crap out of my friends