Cut Circuit Boards With a Paper Cutter





Introduction: Cut Circuit Boards With a Paper Cutter

You can cut printed circuit boards apart with a paper cutter. You'd think they would crack or splinter, but they don't! Plus, this method doesn't generate a bunch of toxic dust. Watch prank's technique in the photos.



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Questions & Answers


Will these cut easily through double sided photo resist pcb that has a plastic film on it. I would like to cut a bigger pcb in smaller pieces before using it.

Awesome idea! I have wondered how to cut them good, and this should work!

Thanks for posting.

What thickness is your board material? My .062" was too thick for this technique.

I just cut a dozen 1.25 inch square boards. All 2oz copper on 0.062" fiberglass. No trouble. You have to mean it, a good sturdy CHOP all at once. No slow stuff or the board will bend at the end of the cut. I used the heavy old paper cutter in the library.

any way to cut copper boards?

This would work with a smaller, heavy bladed cutter. I tried it on my 24" and it really felt like it was doing some damage to the cutter. What's the best way to cut a board with components installed? That is, cutting the components as well. Any suggestions?

GLEE!! I've never considered this before, but now it seems so obvious! Cutting PCBs has always been such a chore. I'm putting a paper cutter on my Christmas wish list now. :)

When I bought some from a guy on ebay - he used his home shop sheet-metal guillotine...I want to call it a 'brake' but thats the bender...Works on the same principle as this, with great results!

It's call a sheet metal shear.