Introduction: Sliced Deadpool LACK Table 2.0

Picture of Sliced Deadpool LACK Table 2.0

This is my 2.0 version of the "Sliced LACK table" I built in 2013. I moved recently and sadly couldn't disassemble it since I glued it in a few places. Furthermore it was never as stable as I wished it to be, so I decided to build a new and improved version.

This table is build from an IKEA LACK table. Although it is only standing on two legs, it is stable enough for me to sit on it. Even though this is a rather simple mod, it is going to get you quite a few puzzled looks.

Being a huge Deadpool fan girl I decided to pay him tribute by painting him on the table. Since he is constantly breaking the fourth wall in the comic books and at one point even tears up the pages he is in (Team-Up #885) I decided he would be perfect for this project.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Picture of Stuff You Need

Stuff you need

  • LACK table from IKEA
  • 40 mm Aluminum profiles (make sure that the allow you to cut a M8 thread into the middle)
    • 2 x 40 cm
    • 4 x 44,8 cm corner connectors and M8 screws
  • Two 5 mm metal plates 10 x 50 cm (the actual length you need is 53 cm, but usually they are way more expensive than 50 cm plates)
  • 3 or 4 mm wooden plate 53 x 53 cm
  • 5 mm wooden plates
    • 53 x 53 cm
    • 33 x 50 cm
    • two times 3 x 10 cm
  • 4 x M8x40 screws (I used V2A ISO 7380)
  • 4 x M8x20 nuts
  • M8 thread cutter
  • Masking tape
  • Chisel
  • Paint (+ primer)
  • Wooden filler
  • Saw
  • Drill and drill bits (9 mm and 16 mm (and one that fit the nuts you are using))
  • Cheap rug (I used ÅDUM from IKEA)

As you can see in the picture, I tried using a 10 mm ply board plate, but due to the weight of the aluminum profile it started to bend. So I decided to use steel plates which worked really well.

Step 2: Preparing the Table Plate

Picture of Preparing the Table Plate

You of course don't need to use a LACK table, but I decided that cleaning one out would be the easiest way to build the table.

Start by cutting along the table border with a utility knife, as shown in the first picture. There might be better ways to lift off the bottom plate, but I noticed that simply using a chisel worked well for me. After you removed the wooden plate the cardboard honeycomb-pattern can easily be taken out. Use a chisel to remove the wooden corners, as shown in the fifth picture.

To stabilize the table top I glued a 4 mm wooden plate (53x53 cm) to the inside it.

Step 3: Painting Deadpool

Picture of Painting Deadpool

After seeing this awesome image by FonteArt I immediately knew that I wanted to use it. So I vectorized the image and made a stencil.

It is very important to sand and prime the Lack table before painting it. Else most paints will rub right off. Make sure that the paint you are using works with the stencil, I have had problems with glue residue all over the plate.

I was thinking about painting the speech bubble yellow, but decided against it.

Step 4: Bottom Plate and Aluminium Frame

Picture of Bottom Plate and Aluminium Frame

The bottom plate has to be extremely rigid. I didn't wanted to weld the table, in order to being able to take it apart. Making the whole bottom plate from steel was to expensive and heavy for my taste, so I decided to use two 10 cm thick steel stripes.

Start by drilling two 10 mm holes two cm from the border into the steel plates, as shown in the pictures. Then drill four 20 mm holes into the big wooden plate. The distance from the border is also 20 mm. Glue the steel plates to the wooden plate as shown in the pictures. The wooden plate works as an distance holder and prevents the screws from scratching your floor.

Glue the other three wooden plates to the bottom plate as shown in the picture.

I decided to build the frame from aluminum profiles. In order to connect them you will have to cut a thread into the middle.

Step 5: Preparing the Legs

Picture of Preparing the Legs

You will have to hollow out two of the legs. I used a chisel to do so.

What you do with the other two legs is completely up to you. I decided to cut them in an angle, to make the table look more interesting. Once you have cut the legs you will need to fill them since they are hollow. I used a 3D printed wedge which is of course a complete overkill, since you can use any old piece of wood. Drill a hole into the bottom of the pieces to fit a nut into them.

Step 6: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Next you will have to cut holes into the carpet to fit the legs through them. The last time I only shaved the rug, but cutting holes works a lot better. Make them as big as the aluminum profile (40 mm). I used little felt pieces to prevent the wooden plate from scratching up my floor. Place the rug on top of the bottom plate and screw the legs to it. Place the hollow LACK table legs around the longer aluminum legs and make sure that the are slightly shorter (You might have to shorten them depending on the thickness of you rug). Attach the top frame and place the table plate on top of it.

Congratulation you are done!


omikeo (author)2015-08-27

got me an idea for you, dunno if it's already been suggested ? what about clear cast resin where your cutouts(in the legs) are, I know it won't be quite as cool as yours but a trade off in simplicity, nice job, thanks, mike

Excitebike (author)omikeo2016-03-07

D'oh! I just asked the same question...

BrittLiv (author)omikeo2015-08-27

Somebody assumed that I used resin to build it. I prefer this way though, since unless somebody looks under the carped it is invisible

omikeo (author)BrittLiv2015-08-27

yeah pretty sweet the way you made it, i'm just always lookin for an easier way(not as slick as yours, but you gotta add points for portability) thanks again, mike

BrittLiv (author)omikeo2015-08-27

that's true, cleaning would bei easier, too

Excitebike (author)2016-03-07

Awesome table. What are your thoughts on pouring molded clear resin inserts to replace structurally the cut out sections of the legs? I think it would give the same visual appeal and make the table easy to move to vacuum and clean.

scarethetots (author)2016-02-20

also this is amazing

scarethetots (author)2016-02-20

where did you get the aluminum

Linkin_J_Knex (author)2016-02-18

Wow this looks so high quality and a great idea!

Wolfbane221 (author)2016-02-08

Your table is awesome, also is that a Sactional?? I'm super jealous of both. I refuse to buy a new couch for my house unless I can get Sactional pieces :P

Darthorso (author)2015-10-31

Wow this is a really cool idea BrittLiv! My gf loves Deadpool and she immeadiatly wants to start this projects! XD

BrittLiv (author)Darthorso2015-11-03

Thanks a lot! I would love to see some pictures if you build it.

jeanniel1 (author)2015-09-22

There's something similar to this for the "floating" gurus, and the "floating children" during the Bun Festival on an island near Hong Kong! So cool!

lean04 (author)2015-09-05

That table is good for eating chimichangas, great job!

Crimsntyd (author)2015-09-02

Cool table, bro...uh, lady! :o)

DredPirateAngE (author)2015-08-31

wicked cool!

fierce_robotic_unicorns (author)2015-08-29

never mind!

fierce_robotic_unicorns (author)2015-08-29

how does it stay up?

MarkF30 (author)2015-08-29

Amazing. What will happen when you decide to learn welding?

ToolboxGuy (author)2015-08-28

Oh! Forgot to mention that this was a fun 'ible and a nice build!

ToolboxGuy (author)2015-08-28

Thanks for the last photo! I couldn't see this even beginning to hold the weight of a person until I saw the hidden framework! I don't know about hacking into a carpet though, because you will rarely get to move the table around. Hope it's a small rug!

Of course, a good prank would be to stand on the hidden base, then ask someone if they can lift the tiny table...!

BTW, never invite me to sit upon that table unless you want it to make it look like it's falling over (I only weigh 135... kilos.)

Hallofo (author)2015-08-27

Awesome build! That picture really makes it - Deadpool is one of my favorites as well so I might be a shade biased.

BrittLiv (author)Hallofo2015-08-28

It actually took me longer to spray paint Deadpool on it then building the table, but I think it was worth it.

mikeasaurus (author)2015-08-25

I loved your original table. Glad to see you've made some improvements, Britt!

(I also love seeing the "fail" pictures, thanks for including that!)

BrittLiv (author)mikeasaurus2015-08-25

Thanks a lot!

I was thinking about adding a whole step to show everything that went wrong...

For example on my first try the glue from the stencil seem to have reacted with the gray paint and left a residue all over the plate. So I scrubbed it off with some water and a lot of soap (it took me about an hour). Then I noticed that the wood started to expand due to the moisture and the corners started to crack.

So I decided to start over (working with a chisel and a hammer when you are mad is not a good idea...). After about 5 minutes I accidentally punched a hole into the plate, so I had to start over a third time (Thank goodness that a LACK table is only five Euros over here).

Luckily after using an other type of gray paint everything worked out fine.

An other think that happened (since I was rushing to finish) was that I accidentally cut a hole into the wrong side of the carped. Luckily it was able to fix it with some duct tape and from the top it is impossible to tell where it happened.

bpark1000 (author)BrittLiv2015-08-27

A suggestion on using stencils. I assume you had trouble with paint bleed under (you mention the glue). A dirty little trick to avoid this is to paint in background color, let dry. Apply stencil, taping in place around outside and make sure it is flat. Now paint again with either clear, or the background color. This may bleed, but it won't matter as the color is the same, and the bleed will seal the stencil. After drying, apply color #2, dry, and remove stencil. For color #3, the precoat strategy will work only if you use either clear as your precoat, or arrange to have the second stencil bordered by only one color, in that case you can use that color as the precoat. When doing multiple colors, much planning is needed to arrange the order, and the overlap, considering the opacity of the different colors (usually the black goes on last, and covers the sins of bleed of the other colors).

BrittLiv (author)bpark10002015-08-27

Thank you. I am usually using that trick, too. This time I had no problem with bleeding at all, but the glue residue was really annoying. If you have any suggestions how to fix that I would bei really thankful.

peter.kocsis.77964 (author)2015-08-27

That's a great Instruc-Table! Get it?! Sorry...I don't have a leg to stand on.....groan.....

Thanks! You actually made me laugh out loud

CigarSmoker2 (author)2015-08-27

Very well done illusion. I don't know much about dead pool, but this would definitely work with other heroes, villains. Extra props, for the extra prop you gave it.

BrittLiv (author)CigarSmoker22015-08-27

Thank you, yes it would.

astrong0 (author)2015-08-27

Good one for Portal also. Perhaps a small diffused blue LED in the top of the sliced leg.

BrittLiv (author)astrong02015-08-27

That is a great idea. I would love to see that!

Raitis (author)2015-08-27

First thought was: Damn, that is one neat use for magnets!

I'm not disappointed about the lack of magnets though, love the table!

impied (author)2015-08-27

Sorry clever! I saw it in the newsletter and had to learn how you made the table stand on two legs!

impied (author)impied2015-08-27

Super clever, that it, thanks autocorrect

BrittLiv (author)impied2015-08-27

Thank you!

egoknives (author)2015-08-25

Can I get the files for your stencil?!

BrittLiv (author)egoknives2015-08-26

Sure, I sent you a PM. I would love to see a picture should you use it for a project

sross28 (author)BrittLiv2015-08-27

hello could I all so get a copy of your stencil? I would love to do my nephews room in a super hero theme.

BrittLiv (author)sross282015-08-27

Mikeasaurus was really nice and uploaded an ai file to the third step which you can download. Tell me should you need an other file format.

shalow (author)2015-08-27

On thing that struck me was that you could probably add magnets pointing in opposite directions to the legs to help with the support, if it ever becomes a problem.

linusrichter23 (author)shalow2015-08-27

Genuis idea your right

zymurgeneticist (author)2015-08-26

You got my vote, even though I'm a Cable fan at heart! I'm wondering if the Merc with a Mouth would consider this a fourth wall breakout???

BrittLiv (author)zymurgeneticist2015-08-26

Thank you! Him constantly breaking the fourth wall was what made me think he would be the perfect character for this table. I added a short explanation to the introduction for people not aware of it.

Mysterious_Gal (author)2015-08-25

Love this.

egoknives (author)2015-08-25

Love it!!

Flecks (author)2015-08-25

That's a pretty cool idea, i'll have to try something like it!

BrittLiv (author)Flecks2015-08-25

Thanks! I you do, please be so kind and show us some pictures or even better write your own instructable.

Darknessblade. (author)2015-08-25

sadly you have to cut up the carpet and you cannot move the table.

if you can make someting so it looks like it not forget into the carpet it would be better

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