In this example, Pepitooo, an estimated member of the FabLab Zürich, did a holder for his drill bits.

He bought in china some cheap drill bits, but they came without any case. His goal will be to do a basic holder for drill bits to be easy accessible and well organized on his workbench.

What do you need ?

  • Laser Cutter
  • Material (3mm MDF)
  • Onshape account
  • Kiri:Moto plugin
  • QCAD (Optional)
  • Time

Step 1: Designing the 3D Object

I suggest you to follow an onshape tutorial if you don't know how to do it. It's quite simple and easy to use.


  • You start to design a 2D Sketch
  • You extrude the Top Part with the holes (As my material is 3mm, I used a multiplier of 3, here 5*3, you can use arithmetic formula directly in onshape.)
  • Extrude bottom part without the holes
  • Boolean union of the 2 extruded parts
<p>Are these in a standard DXF format? Can't seem to open them in either Inkscape .91 or Corel X7.</p>
nice idea for organization
<p>This looks really nice :) I need these to organize our drill bits!</p>

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