Picture of Slide Board
A cheap alternative to the hundred$ commercial slide boards, also lightweight and compact compared to the other DIY ones Ive seen. Not just for sliding back and forth to sim speed skating but there are a lot of other exercises can hit almost every body part, I wont post vids but YouTube will show you plenty without having to look at my ugly mug.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-Vinyl Deck Flashing- You'll probably have to order this online or from your hardware store. $20 for a 20' roll of DuraFlash
-1x4" board
-car wax
-non slip tape or non slip rubber
-spray adhesive
-saw, razor and screwdriver
-socks or polar fleece booties

I was lucky and only had to by the vinyl flashing but the total cost should be under $40.

Step 2: The Cuts

Picture of The Cuts
First ya will have to figure out how long you want the slide board to be, im 6'1" and made mine 8feet long but 6feet is common and ive seen them as long as 12feet. Next cut the 1x4" to the width of the board, and since your cutting might as well cut 4 strips non slip tape to width.

Step 3: Glue, screw & tape

Picture of glue, screw & tape
Scuff up the ends of the slide board and 1x4", spray the glue on 1x4" and on the slide board with care not to spray past the width of the 1x4" (use masking tape or newspaper if needed), place weight and then wait for glue to dry.

Once dry flip it over and screw in the screws and put on the non slip tape. Place one strip of non slip tape over the screws and one next (where your foot will be kicking off from). I added this second strip after having only one was not enough, but placing a strip right under the foot was the perfect fix.