This is a piece of equipment used in microscopy for making ringed microscope slides.  It consists of a spinning platform with spring clips which holds a standard 75 mm x 25 mm microscope slide.  While the table is spinning, a thin coating of sealant material is applied with a fine pointed brush, producing a neat circle on the slide. This can be used to attach a thin ring to the slide, making a shallow cavity in which a microscopy specimen can be placed.  After the specimen is fixed onto the slide, a coverslip is added on top of the cavity and more sealant is applied to seal the specimen from the atmosphere. The example shown here was constructed using the video head rotor from an old VCR, driven by a small 12 Volt DC motor.

Step 1:

The figures above show how the VCR video head rotor was removed and reassembled for the ringing table.  The top section of the rotor and the lower magnetic flywheel sections were reversed and refitted onto the main shaft.  Two small spring clips to hold the microscope slide were cut from tinplate and attached to the top side of the rotor with screws ( see photo on first page ).  The tinplate was also salvaged from the RF amplifier shield casing of the VCR.

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