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Introduction: Slide Skates

Hey everyone!

I am going to show you how to make your very own pair of Slide Skates. Slide Skating is a new sport that I thought of. It allows the user to do really cool looking tricks like grinds, without having a lot of experience in extreme sports.

  • I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures because my digital camera is broken, but hopefully a video will make up the difference.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

This project does not require any hard to find items. All you need is a plastic folder (must be very smooth), a pair of scissors, a sharpie, a pair of flat soled shoes (like skating shoes), and some duct tape.

Step 2: Prepare the Folder.

Take one of your shoes and place it in the middle of the folder. Using the sharpie, trace the shoe onto one side of the folder. Flip the folder over and take the other shoe and trace that as well.

Step 3: Trace the Trace

Trace a second shape around the previous trace. measure out about 1/4 to 1/2 inch and follow the shape all the way around. Turn the folder over and repeat with the other trace.

Step 4: Cutting the Traces.

Cut out the 2 shapes that you drew on the folder. Be careful and try not to leave any rough edges on the shapes. Make sure to round out every edge.

Step 5: Attaching the Skate to the Shoe.

This step can be done in a few different ways.

If you want to remove the skates at one time or another, then I would recommend using Velcro or duct tape to stick the skate to the bottom of your shoe.

If they are old shoes that you do not wish to keep anymore, then go ahead and use hot glue, gorilla glue, or any other heavy duty adhesive to be sure that the skates do not fall off. Using glue would be your best bet, but not everyone wants to trash a pair of shoes. The glue will make sure that the skates do not fall off when you are shredding the streets and doing some hardcore tricks.

I used duct tape to make mine. I rolled the duct tape into long rolls as pictured below in figure (a) then stuck my shoes to the skates.

Step 6: Put Them on and Start Shredding!

Put on your shoes and tie them up and your ready to tear up the streets. The skates are quite slippery on plywood, carpets, asphalt, metal, and a whole slew of other things. Be careful, as this could be a bit dangerous.

Check out this video to see the carpet skates in action!

Thanks for reading this instructable!

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    You are going to think i'm crazy But for 10 years I had dreams while sleeping of being able to slide as if I was on a cushion of air .
    It would be like skating with roller skates but instead i was just sliding. It was great on corners or I could go into a slide and go past the corner.
    Of course I would wake up just flippin' out because it had been so much fun.
    The closest I came to making the skate was thinking about an all ball bearing surface on the bottom of the shoe. But that gave me nothing but a slippery shoe. SO I just forgot about it and stopped having those dreams.
    I have recently come up with another method which i'm working on, But have to keep it secret of course.
    Have you tried those furniture moving discs , that you can get at the builder's store. they slide pretty good.

    1 reply

    once you develop this design, do 1 of two things. 10 post it as an instructible for the good of the community OR 2) patent the design and make millions.
    1 is my fav.

    Probably wont use them for actual skating, but the building im living in is COVERED in carpet... hehehe... but I gatta watch out 4 mom... :)

    Would sheet protectors work? They are very slippy...

    1 reply

    The page protectors were really difficult to cut and wrk with...

    >> but with even just one shoe like this,I was slidding around the living room.
    It didn't work in the kitchen...><

    nice, now i can practice my skating anywhere if i forget my board

    WHen you are trying to attach things to the bottom of your VANS you can use Big Head rivets that you can buy in various sizes at a "Fastenal" store. they have all sorts of fasteners for industry. including adhesives for all sorts of combinations.
    Don't ever stop trying to get an Idea off the ground But don't sell your house to do it.


    there ais already a commercially marketed version of these, called Soap Shoes. I however, like your idea more. my only modification would be to use flexible epoxy to attach some acrylic sheets, instead of the weaker folders. Great idea though! :) Someone must have stolen your idea... :)

    could you just put the bottom of a shoe in water and freeze it?

    1 reply

    And then when it melts? Plus, the water would just be a super thin layer, not a thick layer that would be nice for sliding.. on flat smooth surfaces. Just cut up a folder.

    thanks this gives me an idea for slide glves and slide kneepads
    then im going to go out and slide the heck out of the ashpalt infront of my house.
    these shoes slide well in ashpalt.......

    1 reply

    Now I can go all "Risky Business" without getting my socks dirty. YESSSS

    Cool does it work on carpet? Soap shoes are for rails.

    Me and friends made up a classroom sport called "Folderboarding" when I found out our folders slide across the carpet. Theres lot of different contests of folderboarding

    it would be amazing to use this on a freshly pollished hardwood floor=]