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Hey everyone!

I am going to show you how to make your very own pair of Slide Skates. Slide Skating is a new sport that I thought of. It allows the user to do really cool looking tricks like grinds, without having a lot of experience in extreme sports.

  • I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures because my digital camera is broken, but hopefully a video will make up the difference.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

Picture of Gather the Materials
This project does not require any hard to find items. All you need is a plastic folder (must be very smooth), a pair of scissors, a sharpie, a pair of flat soled shoes (like skating shoes), and some duct tape.
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mentalman4 years ago
You are going to think i'm crazy But for 10 years I had dreams while sleeping of being able to slide as if I was on a cushion of air .
It would be like skating with roller skates but instead i was just sliding. It was great on corners or I could go into a slide and go past the corner.
Of course I would wake up just flippin' out because it had been so much fun.
The closest I came to making the skate was thinking about an all ball bearing surface on the bottom of the shoe. But that gave me nothing but a slippery shoe. SO I just forgot about it and stopped having those dreams.
I have recently come up with another method which i'm working on, But have to keep it secret of course.
Have you tried those furniture moving discs , that you can get at the builder's store. they slide pretty good.
once you develop this design, do 1 of two things. 10 post it as an instructible for the good of the community OR 2) patent the design and make millions.
1 is my fav.
Boppylop3 years ago
Probably wont use them for actual skating, but the building im living in is COVERED in carpet... hehehe... but I gatta watch out 4 mom... :)
kelcylane3 years ago
Would sheet protectors work? They are very slippy...

The page protectors were really difficult to cut and wrk with...

>> but with even just one shoe like this,I was slidding around the living room.
It didn't work in the kitchen...><
marksman183 years ago
this is cool!
nice they really do slide.
nice, now i can practice my skating anywhere if i forget my board
mentalman4 years ago
WHen you are trying to attach things to the bottom of your VANS you can use Big Head rivets that you can buy in various sizes at a "Fastenal" store. they have all sorts of fasteners for industry. including adhesives for all sorts of combinations.
Don't ever stop trying to get an Idea off the ground But don't sell your house to do it.
ilpug4 years ago
there ais already a commercially marketed version of these, called Soap Shoes. I however, like your idea more. my only modification would be to use flexible epoxy to attach some acrylic sheets, instead of the weaker folders. Great idea though!
ZokiS4 years ago
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuIf_SNAIpM :) Someone must have stolen your idea... :)
you could make plastic straps around them
rockss6 years ago
could you just put the bottom of a shoe in water and freeze it?
And then when it melts? Plus, the water would just be a super thin layer, not a thick layer that would be nice for sliding.. on flat smooth surfaces. Just cut up a folder.
thanks this gives me an idea for slide glves and slide kneepads
then im going to go out and slide the heck out of the ashpalt infront of my house.
these shoes slide well in ashpalt.......
Now I can go all "Risky Business" without getting my socks dirty. YESSSS
chaderoo26 years ago
Cool does it work on carpet? Soap shoes are for rails.
1spartan956 years ago
Me and friends made up a classroom sport called "Folderboarding" when I found out our folders slide across the carpet. Theres lot of different contests of folderboarding
it would be amazing to use this on a freshly pollished hardwood floor=]
Agreed! I'm making some now!
daniel.b6 years ago
ha ha haaaa
AznDonut6 years ago
these wear out fast is there anyway to make them not wear out that much?
if i were you i would wax em with like rail wax that skaters use
sgtmik6 years ago
I made these and it works awsomely good. I have a lot of ramp at school so its even more fun. The only down side is that people watches you with a wierd and anying face.
i made these with a slippery paper folder and it worked greated and i added some wd-40 which was sweet until i hurt myself lol 4.5*
How long does the plastic pieces last?
jayro7076 years ago
and where's the "vote now" button?
jayro7076 years ago
Good job kid, kids these days are far way more intelligent than back then, PS. i love my new slide shoes KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
jianqiang6 years ago
buy some soap shoes dude
Dr. Cool7 years ago
What an awesome Idea! I can't Believe this has not been done before! You have my vote : ) Doc Cool
WarSaw Dr. Cool6 years ago
yes it has been done its called FUNSLIDES sory.
mg0930mg WarSaw6 years ago
and before that, soap shoes, I mean come on.
they're soap shoes
thats awesome thanks!
uberchoob6 years ago
Nice idea! Only one problem, it's really hard to get going fast with these! Try this, cut/wear down the toe on a sharp angle, like 30 or 40 degrees. That way you can run on the toe and still slide flat footed. Maybe even through some grip tape on the toe area. Something like this:
slide show.bmp
er, throw...
the_mad_man6 years ago
party on... fantastic idea though.
sploge6 years ago
these are awesome i like the idea : )
Hey my name is matt I just made the shoes THEY R SIK!!!!!!!!! THNX SOOOOOOO MUCH Great instructable How do u get them to super slide really far eg on carpet etc? Can u plz email me at volcombaby_221@hotmail.com Thanks heaps Matt
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