Step 6: Put them on and start shredding!

Picture of Put them on and start shredding!
Put on your shoes and tie them up and your ready to tear up the streets. The skates are quite slippery on plywood, carpets, asphalt, metal, and a whole slew of other things. Be careful, as this could be a bit dangerous.

Check out this video to see the carpet skates in action!

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Boppylop3 years ago
Probably wont use them for actual skating, but the building im living in is COVERED in carpet... hehehe... but I gatta watch out 4 mom... :)
nice, now i can practice my skating anywhere if i forget my board
you could make plastic straps around them
daniel.b6 years ago
ha ha haaaa
How long does the plastic pieces last?
thats awesome thanks!