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My kitty Enya is a small size cat. When I've put on her the traditional pedant tag, it kept on banging on her food plate and everywhere. It was noisy for me, so I can only guess how stressful it was for her. So I made this slider tag, to use with the collar with the safety elastic band.

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Step 1:

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You'll need:

  • Sugru/clay
  • Needle or something sharp
  • Scalpel
  • Collar

Step 2:

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With a little piece of Sugru or clay, make a rectangle.

Step 3:

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Flat it out (Fimo needs to be thicker than Sugru).

Step 4:

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Cut the sides.

Step 5:

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Cut the corner so they be smooth.

Step 6:

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Smooth all the edges.

Step 7:

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Measure the cat collar.

Step 8:

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Cut to holes as big as the collar.

Step 9:

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With the needle, write the information you want to be on the collar.

Step 10:

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Let it dry (or cook it) and slide it on the collar. This is really less invasive than the pendant tag.


craftdiy (author)2015-10-20

Oh ,my gosh! my cat would love this! i'll try to make it!

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