Sliding Barn Door





Introduction: Sliding Barn Door

Quick pics of a sliding barn door I made for my sister.

Step 1: Inspiration

This is my first instructable, so please forgive some missing info. My sister wanted a door to close off the family room when guests where staying over. She thought sliding doors would look good so she sent me some pics to think about.

Step 2: Designing Door

After measuring the opening, we knew it would be a big door. Opening(59" wide x 95" high). After drawing on computer a scale pic, I came up with a door 61.5" x 96" using 12ea 8.ft pine tongue and grove boards and 3ea 8x61.5 support boards. My sister found the hanging hardware on Am***n for a 12ft track. Yes, some people make their own track, but with a door this big it was better a buy a quality track.

Step 3: Quick Assembly

After the staining and poly coating all the wood, we did a quick assembly to check out our progress. Used my nephew for scale, him being 6'2". (yes he's bashful)

Step 4: Finished Door

Connected all the wood with 1.25" drywall screws. Then covered the screws with 1.25" straps of pine painted black; glued down and added black hammered nails. Attached the 12ft rail to a 6"x12' pine board to add support and character to rail. Last pic is of door from other side when closed.

PS: sorry there's not allot of pics of building the door, was in a time crunch to finish before Thanksgiving. The door took 2 days to assemble and hang-up. Total cost of door and track under $400.



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