I wanted a TV mount that I could attach to the upper portion of my entertainment center, but could not find one that would fit without modification, so I do what everyone here does - make my own.  I'll show you how I made mine and hopefully give you some ideas on how to modify mine to fit your needs.  I'll also try to point out things I would do differently and my learning opportunities (mistakes).

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

Please review the entire instructable to see how things go together and see how you will need to modify my qty's and dimensions to match your needs.  Now lets talk stuff you need.
Knowledge Stuff:
+First you need to know the mounting hole pattern on the back of the TV you plan to hang.  These should be in the instruction/owner manual (aka trash) or you might be able to look it up on line, or just measure it.  They should be something like 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 100x200mm or 200x200mm.  My TV is 200x200mm.
+Dimension from top hole, to top of TV, mine was about 8"
+Where you are going to mount it and hardware required

Pieces and parts :
+3/4" black pipe (mine is 12")
+3/4x1/2NPT street elbow (see recommendations at the end)
+1/2NPT T fitting
+1/2x1/4NPT black bushing
+1x1x1/8 angle iron (length as needed mine was 8')
+Qty 2 - 5/8" bolt
+3/4"NPT pipe floor mount
+cheap PFTE cutting board (get at the dollar store), these are the white plastic type boards, very slippery
+Qty 4 - screws for your TV - some sets come with them (my old Visio), some don't (my new LG)
+Qty 4 - lock washers for the diameter of the screws above
+Qty 4 - flat washers for the diameter of screws above
+Qty 10 - #10x1/2 flat head, metal screws with nuts
+Qty 4 - 1/4-20x3/4 pan head, metal screws with nuts
+Qty 10 - #10x3/4" flat head, wood screws

Okay, I think I'm gonna try this, but with some mods. First off, I want to make the rail in a shape like this: ¤ basically, a diamond shape with a small arm coming off each corner, covering my entire living room ceiling (or close to it). Make it so it can swivel, and maybe with a tilt adjust. For cable management, I'm thinking of something like a retractable clothesline, with HDMI cable in it. Not sure what else, right of hand...
Can't wait to see it as I can't quite visualize what you are trying to do. Is the pipe hanging from in between the two angles? Sounds like an interesting way to do it. You might also be able to do it with the angles pointing at each other, sort of like an inverted diamond. Then the pipe could hang in between and ride on roller skate bearings that are mounted at a 45.<br><br>So many ideas... that's why I love this place.
I'm getting a 32&quot; LCD TV soon for $190, so this will come in handy, as I REFUSE to pay $200 for the simple mounting mechanisms they're selling in the stores. I may modify this for a wall mount. I'll post an instructable about it if I do. I like how there's no welding on this one.
you might want to just get a cheaper wallmount from online, like newegg or pimfg.com. They both sell wall units that are pretty cheap. <br><br>Having said that, I think you could modify my system with another T fitting and make it wall mount and have it be able to come out away from the wall as well. Basically take the slider, put it on the wall horizontally, then on the pipe floor mount flange (picture 22 above) you add a close nipple, and the T fitting. On the arms of the T put a short piece of angle then another T fitting, then the pipe to frame. In this case I would probably make the slider such that the angles are a bit further apart and attach short pieces of angle to the flange, this way the flange can not rotate in the slider rails. I would also keep the pipe fairly short as having a TV hang off of a pipe is going to be placing some serious torque on the wall.
Good job. Very ingenious way to make the slide. Here's a thought, for the sliding mechanism, one could use Ball bearing drawer slides Like these,<br>http://www.amazon.com/Shop-Fox-D3028-100-Pound-Capacity/dp/B0000DD4A6/ref=sr_1_3?s=hardware&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1313981006&amp;sr=1-3<br>Then use a piece of ply-wood screwed to the slides, to mount the TV bracket to.
I actually thought about something like this but two issues, one, I worried about the weight of the TV, although it says 100 lbs, I am putting some leverage on the pipe which could torque the slides higher than that; second, I didn't want something that stuck down further than the lip of the entertainment center.<br><br>I still think it is a good idea for some, and would like to see if any implements it.
I see, good point.
After a few weeks of using this, I think I would add the following to my mods:<br><br>On the street elbow that fits in the T fitting on the frame, I would drill a hole through both the street elbow and the T and then put in a screw or nail. The TV tilts side to side too easily. Maybe if I really tightened it (the street elbow) I wouldn't have that problem, but I tend to recall that I couldn't get it straight when it was tight.

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