Picture of Sliding Doors for large shelving units

This instructable will show you how to build sliding doors for large bookcases.

I had a pair of Ikea PAX shelves that I bought a while back, and thought I would go back to Ikea to get some doors for them. The cheapest doors they had were $600!!

So... I built these myself in a weekend for about $100.

I wanted the look of a 3/4" solid door. I originally thought of doing this with Plywood or particle board or MDF, but there were three problems:
1) 3/4" boards are really heavy
2) Lower cost plywood is not very flat
3) Only the 3/4" particle board is available finished, and it is expensive for a big sheet of that... yeah you could laminate the other stuff, but it would be a pain and add some expense.

I hit upon this idea of using low-cost pre-finished tileboard on an MDF frame and hanging the doors using a sliding bypass door kit. Wasn't hard, and works great.

You will need: 
 - A sliding door kit. This is also known as a "bypass door" kit. I used Everbilt model 208-760
 - 2 sheets of tileboard (recommend you get them cut to size at the store - follow the directions in the sliding door kit to determine the right size and don't forget to subtract the width of the trim that you will use, if you trim the doors)
 - 3/4 inch plywood that is as long as your bookshelf is wide and about 16" wide
 - A 4x8 sheet of 3/4" particle board, ripped into two 8'X4" strips and the rest into 8'x2" strips. Get them to rip it for you at the home store, it might cost you $0.25 a cut, but this will save you a bunch of time later.
 - Edge trim for the doors - I used 3/4" pre-finished polystyrene outside corner, but you could also use iron-on melamine edging or the trim that is intended for use with the tileboard
 - Crown molding for the top. I used pre-finished polystyrene again, a big labor saver.  
 - Loctite "Power Grab" construction adhesive (I used a whole caulking-gun sized tube)
 - Finish nails (an air nailer makes the molding installation way easier)
 - Long particle board screws - at least 1 1/2". I used 2 1/2 " #9s specifically designed for particleboard
 - Miter box or electric miter saw. Seriously, if you have a friend with the electric saw, it is worth a 6-pack to borrow one even for a project of this size.

Hide that stuff!

gwenholmgren9 months ago

This is just the type of information I was looking for (building doors for free-standing shelving units). I think it is doable with this tutorial. Thank you very much.

muñeco2 years ago
Pretty good idea, so far any sliding door I've made was with the same material of the shelf, so heavy doors or not-to-easy to move were the principal issue. Thank you! :)