Picture of Sliding E.Piano/Keyboard Stand for DAW
Need to move your keyboard forwards and backwards under your desk for use with your digital audio workstation? I did! So here's my solution: PVC pipes cut to size around the bottom metal poles of my keyboard stand. I then attached felt fabric to the pipes and wha-la! It took about an hour. Here's a step-by-step with pics. But first, here's what you need:

5' PVC pipe
PVC pipe cutter 
Tape Measure
1 Yard of felt fabric
All purpose spray adhesive (from an auto-store)
Sand Paper
Box cutter/knife
Black acrylic paint/paint brush

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Step 1: Measure Each Leg

Picture of Measure Each Leg
Measure from the inside of the rubber cap to the center beam. Each leg may be a different length (all four of mine are).

Step 2: Measure the Diameter

Picture of Measure the Diameter
This will tell you how thick your PVC pipe needs to be. I ended up going with 1 1/4". 

Step 3: Purchase PVC Pipe

Picture of Purchase PVC Pipe

Step 4: Take Rubber Caps Off :)

Picture of Take Rubber Caps Off :)
This may be the hardest part as it required great strength and dedication. But they all came off :)

Step 5: Cut Your Pipes

Picture of Cut Your Pipes
Measure off and cut the pipes

Step 6: Sand the pipes

Picture of Sand the pipes
This will help the felt stick better to the pipes

Step 7: Attach cloth

Picture of Attach cloth
Get your cloth set up/cut to size. Use spray adhesive and roll on to cloth

Step 8: Cut the Ends

Picture of Cut the Ends
Cut the ends with the box cutter, use the scissors to clean the edges.

Step 9: Paint the Edges

Picture of Paint the Edges
Paint the edges. I also painted on the inside of the pipes about a half inch around.

Step 10: Put it All Together

Picture of Put it All Together
You're done!