Step 10: Tada!

Picture of tada!
now that that's all taken care of, put the rack in! If all went well, It should work. If not.... have fun tweaking it until it does :-P

The rack doesn't come out completely, but more than enough. If you wanted it to come out further, you could get a set of full extension sliders that roll on ball bearings and such, but I opted not to since they cost more than twice as much.
jeremyhoho4 years ago
How much does it cost you to make this?
omakii4 years ago
This is really cool! I'm definitely going to incorporate this into my closet project.

(Even though I am rather disappointed that it does not twang.)
linkyta6 years ago
Besides being a great project, I had a great time reading the comments in the pics hahaha
could do same with shirts and shoe(note) shoe rack from movie called overboard. goldie hawn,curt russel
jorgiux6 years ago
Thank you. Just what I needed! mine also looks fine.but I had to measure five times... The third rack was the final and the best for my pants... Mother is elated!
Nancie6 years ago
I love it. I will be going to Lowes this weekend. P.S. maybe you should get two tape measures.
acidrain16 years ago
Very cool instructable. I may just attempt this myself.