Step 10: Tada!

now that that's all taken care of, put the rack in! If all went well, It should work. If not.... have fun tweaking it until it does :-P

The rack doesn't come out completely, but more than enough. If you wanted it to come out further, you could get a set of full extension sliders that roll on ball bearings and such, but I opted not to since they cost more than twice as much.
<p>Thanks, now I know what to make for my BF for our anniversary in four months :)</p><p>Thanks for this :)</p>
Seems like this could be made into a tablecloth holder in a cupboard too, great idea thanks!!!
couldnt you just laqour it up&nbsp; the clear coat stuff that makes everything smooth?<br />
You could. But you would still have to sand it down to have the laquer/sealant/paint to adhere properly and also if you laquer over the splinter, you have just made a super splinter.
wow i love the idea you know you could paint it
do the dowels hold up well under the weight of jeans??
How much does it cost you to make this?
that's awesome!
Now that's using your grey matter! Brilliant.
I got a closet that's 3' deep x 9&quot; wide x 8' tall and I'm gonna adapt your design to it.<br><br>I'm gonna just slide the whole closet out like a drawer. Maybe even make it 2 section. 2 drawers. <br><br> ty
This is really cool! I'm definitely going to incorporate this into my closet project.<br><br>(Even though I am rather disappointed that it does not twang.)
This is an excellent idea! I'm thinking of different ways that I can optimize the space I'm going to have in my new closet and this is a perfect storage idea! I love it, thanks for sharing it! &hearts; Jessica &hearts;
&nbsp;This is the best idea ever! thanks!
Note to self:&nbsp;Do this. You will be much less likely to keep procrastinating on the laundry. Augh.<br /> <br /> Really, though:&nbsp;This is genius.&nbsp;Excellent job on the 'ible, and this seems like something that could be done in an afternoon. I see no reason not to do this!&nbsp;(except that aforementioned procrastination.)<br />
Besides being a great project, I had a great time reading the comments in the pics hahaha
One idea. If you wrap every rail on some rubber material, you would prevent clothes to slide off. I imagine that if not balanced, trousers might fall down. With just one to two stripes on every rail could be enough to make them more convenient. Congrats on your idea.
This is awesome! You could probably double the number of dowels in there. That pair of pants has plenty of room next to it.
Yeah, but it'd be annoying if you have to hold the others to stop them sliding out with the one pair you want. At the hanging point, the pants take up less than 1", but they're less compact at the lowest point.
That's not that big a deal, really. You use one hand to hold the adjacent pairs of pants and pull the middle one out with the other. Compared to how jammed my tiny closet is with shirts and jackets, this would be cake.
Build it and see
Don't need to. I've used similar items before in my own packed closet.
Nice, why not post a photo?
Because I honestly don't think you're really all that curious about it.
Translation: "I type only because I have a keyboard, not because I have something to say."
Either your babelfish is busted or you're translating a statement about yourself. Not sure which.
No really I'd like to see it. I live in a small apt, and am constantly seeking space saving solutions. If you don't have a photo, maybe just describe how it's different from this I'ble.
Google &quot;pants rack&quot; and you'll see.<br/><br/>Here's a commercial product that crams them in tighter:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thehardwarehut.com/catalog-product.php?p_ref=3940">rack 1</a><br/><br/>Ones I've used actually have the pants overlap like this:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13888361">rack 2</a><br/><br/>It takes some getting used to, especially with a packed closet, but it really uses a lot less space.<br/>
Notice how in rack 1, the two pairs on the left are almost touching...even though there are two more possible hanging positions between them. In other words, things could get tight. Yes, the number of dowels in this I'ble could be doubled. And whether or not that is an improvement is subjective, right? More dense storage, less ease of use. Standard problem. Blah blah blah.
If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's not to cramp the pants.
You could also close the frame to add support and drop the pants onto the dowels from above...and lacquer.
argh. didn't see this before i commented, but this is exactly what i was thinking.
this is fantastic. very well documented, and the humor was an added and welcome touch. one suggestion... if you drilled through a third piece of wood, you could close off the other end of the dowels. this would have the slight downside of making the contraption exclusively top loading, but the upside is you would never have to worry about the dowels warping or breaking. (i thought about suggesting a removable endcap, but that would be more work than putting the pants on and taking them off from the top). i have got to make one, now.
very nice ...maybe you should get your hammer a watch so it will be on time.
It wouldn't help ... hammers are divas.
Very Nice idea, and easy to do, I could see applying this to a 'lazy-susan' style as well. I think the dowels will have a tendency to warp downwards fairly quickly... maybe making them replaceable would be a nice step to take?
could do same with shirts and shoe(note) shoe rack from movie called overboard. goldie hawn,curt russel<em><strong></strong></em><br/>
Thank you. Just what I needed! mine also looks fine.but I had to measure five times... The third rack was the final and the best for my pants... Mother is elated!
I love it. I will be going to Lowes this weekend. P.S. maybe you should get two tape measures.
This is wonderful. Also perfect for towels.
Yeah! Imagine a whole linen closet with these instead of shelves. It'd keep the long term storage linens a little fresher I bet.
Nice. I have never cared enough to 800 anything... I have gotten to about 220. Kudos to you. I may need to buy some sandpaper for this project. Ace instructable, by the way.
Excellent work, I now have not only the thought to build one for myself, but to make parts of it out of cedar.
Nice job, this looks pretty handy. I would have made one for ties at the same time (although you may not wear ties for work, of course). I don't wear ties either really, but it'd be cool. Hmm, I now I do wear underwear. Nice, I'll make one for my briefs.
Fantastic describes it perfectly! Perhaps a little varnish to keep the wood 'fresh'.
yeah, that will probably be my next step. a nice clear varnish would be my choice.
Fantastic idea. Good 'ible as well..
thanks :) I've been lurking around reading up on peoples ideas for a while now, figured it was about time I contribute.
Very cool instructable. I may just attempt this myself.

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