Introduction: Slim Crossing Bar Paracord Bracelet

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The Slim Crossing Bar is basically a regular cobra bracelet without base strands. Each knot is tied on the other string.

Step 1: Supplies

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To make the Slim Crossing Bar bracelet, you need:
6-ish feet of paracord
1 buckle
1 pair of scissors
1 lighter

Step 2: Get Started!

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Fold your strand of paracord in half. Put the cut ends through the buckle. Pass the strands through the loop you just created (as shown in the first picture). Pull tight.

Step 3: The Nitty Gritty

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This bracelet uses the same exact knot as the cobra weave. The only difference is that instead of tying around a base strand, each knot is tied around the other string. To start knotting, place the left string over the right, making a small loop as in the first image. Then tuck the string under the loop you created. Pull the string through the loop and tighten. Do the same with the right strand. Loop, tuck, pull through, tighten. After each knot, alternate strands.

Step 4: Keep Tying

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Keep tying, keep alternating.

Step 5: Measuring

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Once you feel that you have made the bracelet long enough, attach the other end of the buckle. Then string the strands through the buckle and put the bracelet on. In the second photo, this bracelet is too short for me. I tie a few more knots until it fits like in the third photo.

Step 6: Ready to Cut

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Take off the bracelet. Cut ONE STAND. ONLY ONE. Make sure you leave more than enough room for the buckle to attach. Burn the end of the cut strand. Cut the next strand, leaving extra room for the buckle. Burn it.

Step 7: Done!

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Your bracelet is finished. It looks great on you.
Thanks, Harrison


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