Slim Jim Can Flash Drive





Introduction: Slim Jim Can Flash Drive

Here's amother flash drive. This one is made out of an empty 15 pack of Slim Jims! It's VERY easy to make!

Step 1: Get Supplies

You will need:
USB Flash drive (I used a Dell 128MB)
empty 15 pack of slim jims
cotton balls
hot glue gun (not pictured)
knife(not pictured)

Step 2: Make Hole in Lid

Take off the lid from the can and cut a hole the size of the flash drive's usb connector and stick it through.

Step 3: Hot Glue

Hot glue the flash drive base to the lid.

Step 4: Cotton Balls

Fill the can with cotton balls about up to where the picture suggests.

Step 5: Apply Lid

Now put the lid back on and tape the lid down.

Step 6: Yay We're Done!

Yay you just made your own Slim Jim can flash drive!



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in my very own opinion, this is a waste... first off: you have SO much room in there, you could be made it a 2TB (maybe even larger) by clipping old USB drives, Tiny n' tuff flash drives, and all that amazing stuff. Second: you may need to rethink the whole "let's put it in a giant cylinder and call it art" thing... it's not like you could plug it in anywhere without an extender, and even then, it's way too big to lug around! it'd be better to put a giant pack on your back for a 100PB flash storage space (exaggerating just a little too much there, but you get the point). So, maybe we could agree to, maybe, turn something as small and huge like this cylinder into something large but effectively tiny?

So guys...wanna see some of my new flash drives? I think I might make an 'ible for them.



holy cow thats amazing... i totally am gonna do the banana one! lol i thought about actually doing a whole bunch of instructables like that after i saw this one... then decided against it because i like to pretend i have a life.

hahaha *pretend*

One question: Do i have to use Chucks, or can i use any shoe?

Yeah, does it work with any shoes? :D lol

it works with reebok, but they don't give the same flux capacitancy and flashyness