Picture of Slim Minimalist Wallet by Cindy
I have been a fan of slim minimalist wallets from money clip to rubber bands. Recently, my girlfriend Cindy created a minimalist wallet made from different garter sizes specifically for my needs. Unfortunately the creation process was not documented so this Instructable will simply be a show and tell for her wonderful gift :)

Step 1: Requirements and sewing procedure

Picture of Requirements and sewing procedure
Cindy's slim wallet is made from 4 types of garters as shown in the photo. The 2 inch black garter and 3 inch brown garter were salvaged from old garter belts. The blue garter was salvaged from an old suspenders. The small black garter was salvaged from an unused bra strap. the items were simply sewn together as shown in the photo and all the excess were trimmed down with a pair of scissors.

This is such a good design! I made an elastic wallet a while back, but this one is loads better than mine. Yay Cindy!!

EmcySquare1 year ago

Nice, effective, cheap, original