Slime Fun House





Introduction: Slime Fun House

This is a great way to make some parkour or just fun for single player or multiplayer.

Step 1: The Materials

Slime Block

Black Wool

Ladders (Optional)

Step 2: The Frame

Create an 11 by 11 frame out of slime blocks and fill in the top/bottom. Fill in all the sides that will not be the face of it.

Step 3: The Eyes

To create the eyes you must have five blocks above the eyes and two blocks to the side of each eye. There is four slime blocks between each eye.

Step 4: The Mouth

From the bottom left corner of the right eye place three blocks below and one block to the left of the second slime block. The mouth will be a 2 by 2 of black wool.

Step 5: The Face

Fill in the rest of the face with slime blocks to complete it.

Step 6: The Back and Top

Put a ladder one block away from the side and add a door right next to it so you can get out. You do this to both sides. At the top make a hole so that it has at least a one block boarder. You may put a hole anywhere you would like or you can put minimal blocks so that it is parkour.

Step 7: The Inside

The inside is completely empty so that you can put what you would like to.

Step 8: Fun Fact

If you were to make this in survival in would take 11,844 slime balls (this number accounts for the wool and the space it takes up) with a solid structure and no doors or holes. If you were to make it with holes and doors it would be 11,790 slime balls.

Step 9: Thank You for Looking at This Instructable

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    11 Discussions

    Cool thnks for the cool fact

    Hey ASL1014 Could you make a mob grinder indestructible

    1 reply

    Yes I can make a mob grinder instructable but the mobs that would go through it will only be the average Zombie, spider, skeleton and creeper.

    0_0 How long did this take you to do this?!?'Well if you had a slime grinder indestructible I would make it on my new laptop,with 1⃣.8⃣

    1 reply

    It took me about an hour to complete this project in creative. I'm sorry but I do not think that it is possible to make a slime grinder because they spawn so randomly is different places. But if you have any suggestion for me just leave a comment on page.

    So awesome but I got minecraft 1.v02 alpha

    I notice the slimes was off centered. But it was so cool.(sorry if spelling was bad)