these peices r needed

Step 1: The Base

Step 2: Y Part

Step 3: Putting It Together

Step 4: Putting It All Together 2

attach the two halfs together

Step 5: Loading & the Bullet

meh...<br />
and like he said its his 1st slingshot<br><br>
guys dont be mean&nbsp; at least he tryed lol lol
Well <em>sorry. </em>Its my 1st sling shot.
Do I even need to explain what's so bad about this slingshot?<br />
1. its not powerful, 2 it doesnt need an instructable?<br />
There are about 3 other reasons, here they are:<br /> <br /> -&nbsp;Weak structure<br /> - No decent handle<br /> - We have much better slingshots than this.<br />

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