video Sling Shot made from construction steel rod
I did this on the first sunny day of spring. I hope you guys like it. 
bcavaciuti2 years ago
nice idea and finished product
btw costruction steel rod is the short name is/normally called rebar aka reinforcement bar
Phil B2 years ago
Nice. Thank you for sharing. What did you use for the rubber strips? If your welder is a bigger 230 volt stick welder, bending the concrete reinforcement bar would be easier with a carbon arc torch to heat the rods until red hot. I used mine a few days ago to make a horseshoe puzzle I promised to someone. I have attached a photo.
tchang2010 (author)  Phil B2 years ago
thanks Phil,
Your horseshoe puzzle looks awesome!!! I love the smooth bending that you did to them.

As for my slingshot, I use the 6mm Black Square rubber.
I didn't really think of using heat to make the bending process easier when I made it. But i will sure do what you suggested for my next project.
Thanks. This was my 2nd such puzzle. The bends on the 1st were not as smooth. I learned how to move the hot spot along as I made the bend.
darrenhall2 years ago
Beautiful build - nothin wrong with simple and practical.

Good job.
tchang2010 (author)  darrenhall2 years ago
thanks darrenhall,
I appreciate your comment.