Picture of SlingShot Pistol
This is my slingshot Pistol, designed with MLCad. 
Random safe picture.

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
Project 2.JPG
Project 3.JPG
The Barrel
Sharir17013 years ago
does the safe have some kind of mechanism, or does the door just open and close? anyway, the chamber is very nice, and if it doesn't have a mechanism, you should consider adding one. i'd like to see that posted with a mechanism, possibly with a better connection of the top and bottom plates on the front of the thing.
BleSam112233 (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Well, the safe just locks with a white rod. It is impossible to break the door when I locked it though.
that may be so, but i was saying i'd like to see it with a mechanism. you know, a lock mechanism, as in have a cog with numbers that unlocks the door with a certain combination only, or even have a key that unlocks the door. a mechanism, to make it worth something. anyone can just make a box with a hinged side. i like your box, so i'm advising you to make a mechanism for it and post it, and i believe you'll get some pretty good feedback.
BleSam112233 (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
Well, I ripped it apart ages ago, so I won't be improving it.