Here is the Slinger V2 (version 2, if that what it means) like i said, it is bigger, better handle, and looks like a slingshot and it is more powerful! Can shoot up to 20-25 feet depending how far you pull the rubber band, like i said, i take apart creation i post in 3 days, if no body asks for instructions, i will take it apart. There will be a last version, the V3, once i make that, there ain't no more versions.
Looks good!
Thank you
seems alot of people like my slingshot V2, this creation has the most comments on it, lol, you should check out my Raptor V3
Well'p, that would not handle much of any tension pressure but I suppose it's a good start.
Try checking out my Raptor V3
yea, i know, trying to figure out another way
ok, i got it dr, lol
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working on a V3
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the first good and nice comment from you :)
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try checking out my V1 slingshot
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Bio: I like to build all kinds of things, especially weapons!
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