Picture of Slingshot Cannon
I made these cannons for a pirate themed Camp Cranium at Camp Victory.  Arrrrrrgggg!!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I have 7 of these cannons to make so you may see pictures with more supplies then needed.


1-> 2' piece of 6" PVC
1-> 6" PVC cap (thick PVC)
2-> 18" pieces of 3/8" Latex Tubing (Surgical Tubing)
1-> 12" piece of 1/2" nylon rope
1-> 5' piece of 1/4" nylon rope
1-> 3/16" x 1-1/2" Eye-bolt
1-> 3/16" Lock-nut


Saw (PVC)
PVC Glue
5/32" Drill bit
1/4" Drill bit
3/8" Drill bit

Step 2: Firing Assembly

Picture of Firing Assembly
Cut the 6" PVC cap in half, and cut a notch in the center about 5/8" wide and 3/4" into the cap.  About 3/4" from the notch drill a 1/4" hole on the other side about 1 1/2" from the notch drill a 5/32" hole.

Step 3: Firing Assembly continued

Picture of Firing Assembly continued
Thread the eye bolt into the 5/32" hole and attach the nut to lock it in place.

Step 4: Attach Firing Assembly

Picture of Attach Firing Assembly
Simply glue the half cap onto the 2' PVC pipe

Step 5: Holes for Latex Tubing

Picture of Holes for Latex Tubing
Drill four 3/8" holes at the end without the cap on it.  It is best to drill them at 90* angles about 1/2" from the rim.  First level the entire barrel using a larger level (you can just make it out in the first picture across the half a cap).  I used a combo square with a level in it to mark at 90*.  Mark two points that the level touch in one position then move it around so one of the points is still in contact with the square.  Once they are drilled by sure to smooth the edges they will cut through the latex tubing if not rounded off.  I used a x-acto knife and sand paper.

Step 6: Attach Latex Tubing

Picture of Attach Latex Tubing
Insert Latex through 3/8" hole and tie.  Be sure the knot is big enough to keep the tube from slipping through.

Step 7: Setup Loading Rope

Picture of Setup Loading Rope
Take the 1/2" rope and tie it onto the Latex tubing.  Use the Epoxy to secure the knot be careful not to get any epoxy on the latex.  Next tie two knots one in the center of the rope and one at the end.
prashob kp1 year ago

what is the speed of this thing and can it be used as a bowling machine, btw where are the videos

SARAGOGH2 years ago
dose the slingshot cannon hurt if you get shot by it?
Wise Raven (author)  SARAGOGH2 years ago
Not really as long as you only use tennis balls but if you lengthen the rubber tubing it will reduce the velocity.
verbstyler3 years ago
How is the range of this t hing?
Wise Raven (author)  verbstyler3 years ago
Its accurate to about 35yds. You can crank it up a little more but be careful when the bands snap it hurts.
codongolev3 years ago
this, unfortunately, reminds me of a recent project one of my friends made in an engineering class. the objective was to play cornhole from a series of distances using a machine we build in class. his team's original design was to use varying amounts of weight and a system of pulleys to accelerate a cornhole bag forward. however, as the build time in class progressed, they spent more time than anticipated building the frame. with only a few days of building left, they ended up strapping a barrel from one of last years' projects to the frame and took some scrap surgical tubing and exercise bands and basically made this design. it... didn't go to well. this design isn't made for accuracy (they basically guessed on all the calibration.) they came in last place. (we, on the other hand, built a catapult as precisely as possible, and ended up coming in second place.)
Wise Raven (author)  codongolev3 years ago
Once it is dialed in I can put tennis balls in a 50 gallon drum at 35 yards consistently. As long as the bands don't get twisted during loading it stays very accurate.
the problem with theirs was that they tried to jam too much rubber into a tube that was too small. the rubber actually caught on the edges of the barrel, and cause innacuracies. (also, dialing it in was impossible, because they had no way to do that. like I said, they were just guessing.)
twighahn4 years ago
these r great for throwing newspapers at 2 am
one wonders if you could make one large enough to do the entire paper route from your backyard.
Wise Raven (author)  twighahn4 years ago
Yes!!! I love it! When you can get it from the road to the kitchen table in one shot. Just add 1 or 2 more bands and you can get the Sunday paper moving
I'm totally going to use this design and make a more modern-type cannon and use it for airsoft >:D
Thank you very much!
ilpug4 years ago
great. must make this on a smaller scale...
bwells24 years ago
How do you shoot it?
bonnie134 years ago
Original - Looks like fun
Wise Raven (author)  bonnie134 years ago
Thank you, they are a lot of fun. Especially when firing at an inflatable pirate ship in a pond!
awesome! That cannon looks so cool!
Wise Raven (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Thank you. And if you are indeed the kaptain kool from halo perhaps we will do battle again some day! Muahahaha later
cmeyer4 years ago
I would love to see a video tutorial on this! It's just a bit hard to see whats going on, which isn't your fault, because its hard to get all the angles without having like 50 photos. Or maybe a video with the test fire? :)
Wise Raven (author)  cmeyer4 years ago
Hmm I will see what I can do with the angles. Firing I think I can do that.
tinker2344 years ago
Wise Raven (author)  tinker2344 years ago
Thank you! The wood burning really gives it character
i really love the look
hg3414 years ago
looks rly fun to use
Wise Raven (author)  hg3414 years ago
Oh it is. I'm not sure who had more fun using them the counselors or the kids!
zapan4 years ago
Your instructable is currently being translated in french, to be featured on the creative LARP community ; the translated article will of course display a link to the original instructable and will comply with the Creative Commons conditions. If you are opposed to the translation, please notify us so we can remove the article on our website. Thank you !
Wise Raven (author)  zapan4 years ago
Awesome! I am getting hooked on this instructables thing. I am finishing the cradle explanation, I hope to have it done by tomorrow.
Thank you for your awesome tutorial, i'll add a link to the article when the translation is complete.
D00M994 years ago
How far does it go?
Wise Raven (author)  D00M994 years ago
It fires a tennis ball about 35yds but if you get the surgical tubing all the way back it goes a bit further.
If you go to a health-related supply business for your surgical tubing, they have various 'strengths' (think resistance) of this stuff used for physical therapy purposes. I think it is available under the trade name "Thera-Tube" or something similar. (Black is the strongest I think) Wal-Mart or sporting goods stores may carry exercise equipment that uses the tubing too. It's easier & cheaper than whacking up your Doctors stethescope. You might also try using a 3/8" (or larger) wood dowel inserted in the ends of the tubing in place of tying knots, this would make a neater installation. Don't forget to deburr the 3/8" holes inside the barrel, PVC can easily cut the tubing after a few firings
Wise Raven (author)  Bosun Rick4 years ago
Cool. I had 26 feet of latex tubing left to play with. The second version of the cannons I drilled two holes in line with each other and put the knots on the inside of the barrel that really cleaned the look up. Deburring will be added to the ible steps thanks for the catch.
kebmoore4 years ago
Very Cool!

I had an idea similar to this, sort of a water-balloon bazooka. It never got built because I couldn't figure out the trigger mechanism, or how to keep the balloon from rubbing on the walls of the tube. I may take that idea out of the dead-projects file and take another look at it.
Wise Raven (author)  kebmoore4 years ago
I made something that fired water balloons awhile ago to keep it from hitting the sides of the barrel I put it in a large Dixie cup. It helped even out the air on the balloon as well. Caution though it puts holes in plastic fun houses. Later and thanks for the awesome comment!