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Project Goal: Students build cars that are rapidly propelled across the floor at least 10 feet.

Design Variables

  • Axle width
  • Number of wheels

Key Concepts

  • Wheel Alignment means all the wheels all point in one direction
  • Energy transformation is when one kind of energy turns into a different form

Prep: Bend paperclips into hooks (1 per student)

Safety: Launch cars only horizontally across the floor. Designate a launching area and direction when students begin to test.

Step 1: Materials

Please message me to report broken links. All of these materials are used in my other Instructables for kids, so your purchases can be used across multiple projects.

8 Craft sticks
4 Wheels
2 Straws
1/8" dowels
1 Paperclip
Masking Tape

Hot glue
Craft cubes (for extra modifications)
Plastic cups (for stackable crash targets)

<p>I love building DIY projects with my family and friends whenever they come over. It gets them engaged and we get to create a fun result especially with kids around. I will try this concept but with an airplane instead.</p>
<p>We made this project, but cannot get the cars the ride on the floor... The shoot out, turn over, fly off, but do not drive. Would you please offer us an advice? Thank you.</p>
<p>Hi - Make sure you're following the launching technique correctly. It's important that the rubber band is parallel with the floor when you're stretching it out.</p><p>If you launch it with too much energy, it will always skid out of control. Try using small amounts of energy at first, then increase it until you've found the right balance.</p><p>It's also important to use long rubber bands and wide-set wheels. Good luck!</p>
<p>nice job</p>
<p>This project seems so easy to make with materials that are easy to get too and do not cost that much either. It would be the perfect activity to get the children engaged with during the weekends or term breaks and bond with them while at it. Apart from a car, other vehicles are also possible as long as you know how to build the foundation of it.</p>
Great project idea!
<p>I cannot wait to try this with a group of Beginning English Learners!</p>

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