Project Goal: Students build cars that are rapidly propelled across the floor at least 10 feet.

Design Variables

  • Axle width
  • Number of wheels

Key Concepts

  • Wheel Alignment means all the wheels all point in one direction
  • Energy transformation is when one kind of energy turns into a different form

Prep: Bend paperclips into hooks (1 per student)

Safety: Launch cars only horizontally across the floor. Designate a launching area and direction when students begin to test.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you will need to complete the most basic example, however you'll definitely need more to allow your students to add onto their own car.

8 Craft sticks
4 Wheels
2 Straws
2 Skewers
1 Paperclip
Tape and hot glue
Craft cubes (for modifications)
Plastic cups (for stackable crash targets)

<p>I cannot wait to try this with a group of Beginning English Learners!</p>

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