Picture of Slingshot Cars

Project Goal: Students build cars that are rapidly propelled across the floor at least 10 feet.

Design Variables

  • Axle width
  • Number of wheels

Key Concepts

  • Wheel Alignment means all the wheels all point in one direction
  • Energy transformation is when one kind of energy turns into a different form

Prep: Bend paperclips into hooks (1 per student)

Safety: Launch cars only horizontally across the floor. Designate a launching area and direction when students begin to test.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

These are the materials you will need to complete the most basic example, however you'll definitely need more to allow your students to add onto their own car.

8 Craft sticks
4 Wheels
2 Straws
2 Skewers
1 Paperclip
Tape and hot glue
Craft cubes (for modifications)
Plastic cups (for stackable crash targets)

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