Slingshot Fishing Rod





Introduction: Slingshot Fishing Rod

This is a fishing device I made using a slingshot to launch the line. I haven't used it yet, but I hope to try it out soon. The main body is made up or a piece of bent metal. It is held to the slingshot with zipties and duct tape. The reel is held on by two bolts. I forgot to add an eyelet to the end of the metal, and will do that soon.



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    Very detailed guide, thanks!

    Nice DIY. But I didn't understand what kind of projectile do you use.

    Have loved this from the first time I saw it.

    I have just produced a bow from a bike wheel and was thinking how I could use the bow to shoot an arrow for hunting fish but I could not think how to deploy a line to bring back any catch - mounting a reel under the bow would be ideal.

    Great build and thanks for the instructable that solved my quandry.


    Could you show me how you did the bow from the wheel

    Thanks! I'd love to see a picture if you finish your bow

    oh the bow is finished, in fact that is me in the little picture off to the left with it - I know a lot of folks are hunters and might like the fishing idea - am happy to keep mine for fun and practice, but who knows when I get back out on the water when the weather is warmer, maybe get me and the wife some free dinner.

    I made one & did not like how it functioned. So I added a "whisper bisket" to it & now can use it as a fishing archery setup. I also added 40lbs test line so I can go after large catfish in the Mississippi River.

    I was actually the first one to make one

    I agree that both the flexibility of the bar and the lack of eyelet may be a problem for larger fish (a problem that I know you're unlikely to encounter with the smaller fish that you're going after). However, a solution could be to use a spring (like this to absorb the fish's energy whilst maintaining the small profile of your set up. Great project, and good luck :)

    Might be kind of difficult to launch the lure but otherwise I think this would work.