Post? EXTREMELY sturdy and structurally sound.

Could effectively deter a robber if turned around and used as a club.

similar to lots of guns i have seen on this site and the stock is just a little bit wobbly but nothing to worry about
this should be a post
awsome gun ery realistic good job
Kitemans law.....
this looks asome this is a post
Nice new features.
POST! and nice idea for a no-slip stock. its a lot easier than a chain around your arm.
really cool
The non-slip butt is awesome! I can't believe no one thought of it before
how far does it shoot?
<strong>Post Post Post Post</strong><br/>
That's actually pretty good. We're slowly gathering features that eventually someone will have to add together. The no slip stock idea is my favorite though. It's actually pretty smart. Especially seeing how knex, being plastic, slip very easily on most types of clothing.
not very new but a few features that most people don't put in sling shots.<br/><strong>post</strong><br/>

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