Slingshot Sniper - Plague





Introduction: Slingshot Sniper - Plague

The new knex "Sniper", Plague! Its just a basic slingshot, and it doesn't have a scope, but who cares!! Heres some pros and cons:


  • Slingshot
  • 5 layers
  • Sturdy
  • Good Looks
  • Easy to mod
  • Low piece count
  • Accurate


  • Some cut parts
  • Eats up rubber bands

Step 1: Images

Parts of the gun.



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    Oh yea I meant to mention this, but how sturdy is the barrel? If it's fairly sturdy I'll use this layout in future builds, because I've yet to find a layout that is sturdy enough to hold long barrels like this. Still looks epic either way.

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    Not very, but if you want, after I make another gun for a contest i'm gonna enter, I could make a gun with a sturdier barrel for you. I kinda focused more on the stock for this gun.

    Na, it's cool man. When is the contest? I just want to know because I'm Working on my most peice consuming project yet and need to know when to have it done. You did very well on the stock!!

    Ok. I'm actually gonna work on a gun shaped like π, for the PI/E contest, not for a knex contest.

    Very good looking, and great stock! I have built several guns like this, but they never had sights, like this. The handle looks quite comfy.

    Just a hint, if you want to blast though soda cans full of water and slice cardboard at close range, use a red connector and grey rod put together, like in the siperani rifle. I believe that you have built that gun before.

    The thumbnail picture is really nice, when you see it you want to click on the ible and see the stats and stuff, which is very good.

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    Thanks!! And yes, I have been using that ammo.

    No problem.
    Just be sure that if you are trying to get good range, use oodammo or the siperani rife bullet with a white rod instead of grey.

    Cool, reminds me of a sniper I built a few months ago.