Slinky Dog


Introduction: Slinky Dog

I had lost a bet and the deal was to make them something from a Disney movie. I almost feel like I lost it on purpose just so I could make him. I think it's more fun to make things for people. I love seeing their expression. Any who I don't have steps for this which I am sorry about. I just really wanted to share what I made. :D

For the most part I crocheted everything the head, mouth, body and legs. I did knit the feet and I used felt for the eyes and ears. At first I was going to knit my own slinky but it frustrated the heck out of me because it never looked right. I ended up getting a slinky instead. To attach the slinky to his front and back I used the whipstitch (I believe it's called that) to help keep it in place. I also put wire in his legs to help him stand up and I put wire in his neck to keep it up.



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    He is so cute! I am really glad you shared him too!

    This is so creative! (And just plain adorable!)

    This is such a cute creation! I don't care whether you added instructions or not, because this is very creative. But in the future, yes, this is a site for adding instructions to your 'ibles. Great job on Slinky, though!

    Thank you for showing. He's really cute and looks just like the one in Toy Story. Perhaps you can elaborate on the process of making it. Like what you started with. How you added the slinky, etc.

    unfortunetly this is a site that is for showing people how to make things, not just showing people what you've made with no instructions...