Slip on Shoes





Introduction: Slip on Shoes

Step 1: Have You Ever

Have you ever had shoes with laces and you didn't like the tying and the hassle well make your shoes slip on over the next two steps you will know how to convert your shoes

Step 2: The Basics

First tie your shoe it is good to double knot

Step 3: The Slip

You can't do this if you don't have a tongue sorry for telling that to you now but take your lace and slip the laces under the tongue it is pretty easy so that is pretty much it TIP: every time you put on your shoe push the lace down post how your shoe came out and have fun

Step 4: Please Vote

This is a repeat instructable but it got the most hits on it out of all my instructables now I'm going to enter it in a contest.



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    The laces will come undone now and the so when the laces come out the side means that you need to tie your laces

    This is my third post and know body has rote about them

    Please post